Granton Medical offers clean packing solution for surgery-ready products

5 August 2011

Sheffield-based Granton Medical is offering a new service for the healthcare and medical marketplace, providing a customisable medical device packing solution that simplifies the complex regulatory framework and provides surgery-ready products.

Its Cleanpack service allows customers to choose from the company’s range of service options which, in addition to medical device packing within a cleanroom environment, include ultrasonic cleaning and passivation, thermal washing and disinfection, device assembly and sterilisation services in line with HTM and other key regulations.

The service can be carefully tailored and updated according to customer variables including batch size, timescale, traceability, sterilisation method, shipping and overall budget.

It has already been effectively used by global medical company B. Braun Medical Ltd, who initially approached Granton looking for a sub-contract partner to undertake packing and sterilisation of a large range of medical devices. Granton were also able to carry out associated pre-treatment options, including ultra-sonic cleaning, passivation, washing and thermal disinfection.

Peter Mitchell, Technical QM and Environmental Director at B. Braun Medical Ltd, said: “We have done a lot of work with the Cleanpack service and have been extremely satisfied with the highly-flexible, swift service which has always met our expectations.”

Source: Granton Medical


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