NTAC launches online tool to accelerate adoption of new technology in NHS

3 December 2011

The NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC), has launched a new online tool to enable proven medical technology to be more efficiently adopted into the NHS.

The Generic Adoption Process (GAP) provides a clear and detailed roadmap, along with the required tools to enable proven medical technologies to be adopted.

The unique tool is aimed at both the NHS and private sector suppliers and consolidates NTAC’s extensive and unique learning from a range of successful ‘Technology Implementation Projects’.

GAP is one of a set of new services launched by NTAC that are better aligned with the changing NHS and the current medical technology landscape to bring life-changing technologies to NHS patients.

Commenting on the launch of GAP, NTAC chief executive Sally Chisholm said: “GAP has been tested by a number of key stakeholders, from the NHS and industry, and we are very excited to be launching it in the market. We believe this is a vital tool which will help drive widespread adoption of proven technologies as GAP can provide unrivalled knowledge and information to those who do not choose to directly engage with NTAC on an implementation project, for example.

"The idea for GAP came from our recognition that there is a clear need for something which can equip clinicians, managers and other key stakeholders crucial to service development with the tools and resources they need to be able to drive change and innovation throughout the NHS.”

NTAC is the only organisation that is solely dedicated to the diffusion of proven innovation across the NHS. As an organisation which focuses on driving innovation in the NHS on a day-to-day basis it believes that examples of innovation are not an issue; simply the fact that the NHS does not have a ‘pull’ culture. In many cases it is the absence of co-ordinated and resourced pathways which prevent the uptake of many positive examples of innovation.

GAP provides users with unprecedented access to a variety of tools and resources along with a roadmap to adoption. Users are encouraged to navigate through each of the sections in order. This structured approach enables users to build relevant knowledge and information. However, users are also free to navigate between sections and return to this home screen at any point. The site has been designed for multi-use, and for those at differing stages of the implementation process.

For more information visit: www.ntac.nhs.uk/GAP/GAP_Home.aspx


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