BD launches a new generation of disposable auto-injectors

6 December 2011

BD Medical has launched the BD Physioject disposable auto-injector. for self-injection of drugs by patients suffering from chronic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma and osteoporosis.

The BD Physioject auto-injector presents key benefits for patients such as ease of use and intuitiveness, one-button activation, 360° view of the drug and injection process, visual confirmation of the end of injection, and protection of the needle after injection. The optimised design for delivery of subcutaneous injections is defined by patient studies to incorporate those ergonometric features most relevant to self-injection needs.

Claude Dartiguelongue, President, BD Medical — Pharmaceutical Systems, said: “BD is committed to providing high-quality, innovative, highly customisable, cost-effective devices designed specifically to meet chronic disease patients’ needs for safety, comfort and convenience. With BD Physioject, developed through a robust, patient-centric design process, we aim to improve drug efficacy, the patient experience and treatment compliance.” Clinical trials show that BD Physioject provides safety, efficiency, acceptance by patients, and improved pain perception versus the same syringe used by a nurse.

The BD Physioject
The BD Physioject

BD Physioject can be customised to offer a modified external design, flexible injection duration, a range of possible subcutaneous injection depths, and various syringe options (such as an end-of-dose indicator) for the unique requirements of pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.

It also includes a straightforward two-part assembly process that simplifies production and manufacturing. To further support its global customers, BD offers deep understanding and expertise of drug and device combinations through all stages of the development process, from design through to launch, including global regulatory support.

BD Physioject is designed for use in combination with the BD Hypak for Biotech syringe, a state-of-the-art primary container optimised for use with biologics to provide, among other benefits, a low level of interaction with such drugs. The complete integrated system offers a high-quality, reliable solution for the self-injection market.

“We are excited to be introducing a new generation of disposable auto-injectors with the launch of BD Physioject and we look forward to collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to facilitate the development and launch of self-injection devices, with the common end goal of improving the lives of patients managing chronic diseases,” Ms. Dartiguelongue adds.

Merck Serono selected Physioject as the platform for RebiDose, the Rebif pre-filled pen, for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Merck Serono announced the approval of RebiDose in Europe and Australia in October 2010.

Source: Becton Dickinson


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