Artificial skin-making technology for sale following collapse of developer

18 December 2011

Kent, UK. An automated process for manufacturing artificial skin is up for sale following the liquidation of the developer, The Ideas Studio.

The Ideas Studio developed an automated manufacturing process for Smart Matrix, an artificial skin product owned by the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust (RAFT).

Smart Matrix acts like a second skin and could revolutionise the treatment of burns and ulcers. Once placed over a wound, it supports the growth of a network of functioning blood vessels. Unlike other methods, it leads to the regrowth of the dermis, the lower layer of skin, encouraging rapid healing and allowing the treatment of more extensive wounds than ever before.

Whilst RAFT owns the rights to the Smart Matrix product, the prototype manufacturing robot, the Skin Bio Reactor, is now up for sale, together with a half share in the patent application for the automated manufacturing process.

Charterfields director Roger Cutting, who is leading the sale, said: “The potential now exists for an investor, or inventor, to purchase the rights held by The Ideas Studio and work with RAFT to continue towards the commercial automation of production.”

Also for sale is a half share in the existing UK patent for the Small Mammal System, which creates a stress-free environment for the biometric measurement of mice in scientific environments, and which was designed in cooperation with Cambridge University. The product has been fully developed and is ready for sale, at around £250,000 per unit, to scientific institutions worldwide.

Roger Cutting added: “These could be excellent opportunities for investors, or medical technology businesses, to expand their portfolios with products that offer huge potential for growth.”

The liquidators, the KSA Group, have appointed asset valuation specialists Charterfields to sell the intellectual property assets.

Source: Charterfields.

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