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Robo-pets can improve quality of life for dementia sufferers
Interaction with a robotic companion can help people with mid to late stage dementia become less anxious and also have a positive influence on their quality of life, according to new research. 28 June 2013

NHS intensive care units reduce bloodstream infection rates by 60%
Hospitals across England reduced the rate of serious bloodstream infections in intensive care units (ICUs) by following a series of basic practices, research has shown. 28 June 2013

Recommendations for the development of nanomedicine in Europe till 2020
The European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) and the NANOMED2020 project have published a White Paper on the Contribution of Nanomedicine to Horizon 2020 research funding programme. 21 June 2013

App turns smartphone into ECG recorder and transmitter
A researcher at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed an app that enables a smart phone to record data wirelessly from a small ECG device worn round the chest. 21 June 2013

New layer discovered in human cornea
Scientists at The University of Nottingham have discovered a previously undetected layer in the cornea, the clear window at the front of the human eye. 21 June 2013

Simple tool could help GPs more accurately assess musculoskeletal conditions
A simple set of generic questions could help GPs more accurately predict the likely progression of disease in patients with musculoskeletal conditions, research funded by Arthritis Research UK has shown. 21 June 2013

Increased payments to hospitals reduced infant mortality in Thailand
When healthcare reform in Thailand increased payments to public hospitals for indigent care, more poor people sought medical treatment and infant mortality was reduced, a new study by the Consortium on Financial Systems and Poverty shows. 21 June 2013

Med tech industry applauds planned US-EU trade negotiations
AdvaMed, COCIR, MITA and MedTech Europe have applauded the announcement at the G8 Summit for the benefits that the negotiations could bring to the medtech sector on both sides of the Atlantic. 21 June 2013

COCIR welcomes changes to EC EMF Directive protecting use of MRI scans
COCIR has welcomed the revised European Council Directive on Protecting Workers from Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (the EMF Directive) passed by the European Parliament yesterday. 21 June 2013

Mobile app helps elderly manage medication better
An application for mobile devices that helps elderly people with multiple illnesses improve medication management has been developed by. Researchers at the Universidad Miguel Hernández and partners. 19 June 2013

Antibiotic stimulates production of itself across bacteria population
An antibiotic has been found to stimulate its own production of itself in a soil bacterium when nutrients become limited in a study at the John Innes Centre. 18 Jun 2013

Siemens and Iron Man raise profile of diabetes in adolescents
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics used the Marvel Super Hero Iron Man at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference in Manchester recently to promote early diagnosis and treatment to manage diabetes effectively. 18 Jun 2013

GE Healthcare to invest US$2bn in software for industrial internet
E Healthcare has announced plans to invest $2 billion over the next five years to accelerate the development of software for healthcare systems and applications. 18 June 2013

EC invests €77m into I4MS initiative to boost 200 hi-tech SMEs
The European Commission is launching a new €77 million fund from its 7th R&D Framework Programme (FP7) to  help high-tech SMEs exploit the potential of ICTs to boost their businesses. 17 Jun 2013

EU-wide call for projects to develop mobile access to EMRs across borders
The EC-funded DECIPHER PCP project aims to create a mobile information system that will allow primary and emergency care doctors to access medical records of patients from other EU countries using secure mobile technology. 7 Jun 2013

Project to design low-cost digital healthcare assistants for the home
The SPHERE project is a collaboration between universities, industry and a local council that will develop simple home sensor systems to monitor the health and wellbeing of people living at home. 7 June 2013

Blood test for pregnant women diagnoses Down's Syndrome in foetus
A non-invasive test that analyzes foetal DNA in a pregnant woman’s blood can accurately detect Down’s syndrome and other genetic foetal abnormalities in the first trimester. 7 June 2013

Vitamin A plays protective role in inflammatory bowel disease
Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have discovered that Vitamin A can reduce the damaging immune responses that lead to inflammatory bowel disease. 7 June 2013

Strathclyde-based chemical manufacturing research centre receives £34.2m boost
The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (CMAC) in Strathclyde has received an £11.4 million cash injection from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), supported with £22.8 million industry and charity contributions. 6 June 2013

TSB announces funding for 3D printing projects
Research and development projects using 3D printing techniques have received a funding boost from the UK Technology Strategy Board and three research councils. 6 June 2013

HistoIndex chooses London BioScience Innovation Centre as European base
Singapore-based medical imaging company HistoIndex has become the 50th life science company in the London BioScience Innovation Centre (LBIC). 6 June 2013

IMI NEWMEDS project to find new treatments for schizophrenia and depression
The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) NEWMEDS project brings together seven academic research institutions, nine major pharmaceutical companies and three SMEs to speed the quest for schizophrenia and depression treatments. 6 June 2013

Sussex Health Informatics Service secures 40,000 networked devices
Sussex Health Informatics Service (HIS) has selected ForeScout CounterACT to deliver real-time access and endpoint security for 40,000 devices across 500 sites.

Peratech designs QTC Ultra Sensor for pressure-sensitive switching
Yorkshire-based Peratech's QTC Ultra Sensor can be mounted behind a 0.1mm stainless steel or 0.5mm glass sheet and detect the pressure of a finger on the top of the sheet to act as a touch-sensitive switch. 5 June 2013

Osteoarthritis halted by treating bone
Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine have discovered that degeneration of bone underneath cartilage plays a key role in osteoarthritis and exacerbates the damage, and treating this can prevent damage. 4 June 2013

Baby's life saved by 3D-printed tracheal splint
Doctors at the University of Michigan have saved the life of a 20-month-old baby with a collapsed trachea by printing a custom designed splint based on a CT scan of his trachea. With video. 4 June 2013

Thirteen national science academies call on G8 to act on drug resistance threat
The national science academies of the G8 member states and five other science academies, are calling on the G8 governments to take action over two threats to human populations: drug-resistant infectious agents and sustainable development. 4 June 2013

Junk DNA plays active role in cancer
A human gene sequence until recently considered ‘junk' could promote cancer progression, according to research at the University of Nottingham. 4 June 2013

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