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German medtech sector driving innovation and exports
Nearly 50% of German medical technology companies are expecting increased profits this year and the healthcare sector has higher revenues than the automotive sector, at €278bn. 30 Apr 2012

New type of stem cell found in the brain
Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have discovered a new stem cell in the adult brain. These cells can proliferate and form several different cell types including new brain cells. 30 April 2012

Stellar Biotechnologies launches keyhole limpet hemocyanin ELISA test kits
Stellar has launched six different kits to measure either IgG or IgM antibodies in a range of preclinical models and are the first made with the company's proprietary Stellar KLH Protein. 30 Apr 2012

RECORD clinical study confirms Biotronik's closed loop stimulation pacemaker therapy
Breakthrough results from more than 700 patients studied in a clinical investigation of the Biotronik CLS pacemakers have been published in Europace. 30 Apr 2012

AngioDynamics invests in Microsulis Medical's microwave ablation technology 
UK company Microsulis Medical has announced a strategic relationship with US company AngioDynamics, a provider of minimally invasive medical devices. 30 April 2012

Large investments in SciLifeLab welcomed by Swedish Universities
The presidents of the four Swedish universities behind the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) have welcomed large new investments in life science research announced by the Swedish government. 30 Apr 2012

DiaGenic and GE Healthcare to develop blood-based test for early Alzheimer's
The blood-based test will use DiaGenic’s peripheral gene expression profiling in patients with mild cognitive impairment, a disorder associated with risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. 30 Apr 2012

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and IBM collaborate to develop oncology decision support with IBM Watson
The tool, built upon IBM Watson, will provide medical professionals with improved access to current and comprehensive cancer data and practices. 30 Apr 2012

Celtic Therapeutics invests $50M in developing antibody drug conjugates
A new company will be based in Switzerland to develop, ADCs (developed in London!) which are fast becoming the most exciting new class of oncology drugs as they combine the specificity of antibodies with the cytotoxic power of novel “warhead” chemistries. 30 Apr 2012.

RESPeRATE electronic device for lowering blood pressure available on prescription
The patient listens to a melody through headphones, and synchronises breathing to guiding tones that help the patient move into a therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute. 30 Apr 2012

Europe’s biggest blood pressure conference in London April 26-29
The 22nd Scientific Meeting of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) will take place at ICC Excel London. 25 Apr 2012

Elekta wins Queens Award for export performance
Stockholm-headquartered Elekta, has received the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2012 in the International Trade category for the performance of its Crawley, UK plant. 25 Apr 2012

Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings receives Queens Award for Enterprise
More than 90% of IDS’ products are exported internationally and the Company has continually grown its export revenues and profits over the last six years. 25 Apr 2012

Ottobock’s Technical Service Team showcases Paralympics Games services
Ottobock Healthcare has kicked off its final phase of preparations for its role as Official Prosthetic, Orthotic and Wheelchair Technical Service Provider for the London 2012 Paralympic Games by providing technical support to test events. 20 Apr 2012

Newly discovered viral genome could rewrite history of virus evolution
A virus found in a high temperature acidic volcanic lake belongs to a previously undetected group of viruses. More importantly, it has a new type of viral genome that could have huge implications for theories of viral emergence and evolution. 20 April 2012

PIP breast implant failures significantly higher than thought previously
The failure rate of silicone breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prosthèse (PIP) could be as high as 33.8%, according to new research that used ultrasound to detect problems. 20 Apr 2012

Covidien announces US FDA clearance of Nellcor respiration rate software
The Company plans a limited market release in the US, starting this month, which will allow select hospitals to be the first to use the new technology. 18 Apr 2012

Philips and the World Association of Sleep Medicine raise global awareness of the importance of sleep
This year’s theme, Breathe Easily, Sleep Well, centred on raising awareness of sleep disorders that affect a person’s breathing, such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).  18 Apr 2012

EU SKINSPECTION project develops hybrid multimodal 3D imaging system
The system combines two-photon imaging with time-correlated single photon detection, autofluorescence lifetime imaging, high-frequency ultrasound and optoacoustic imaging. 18 Apr 2012

Maquet and Siemens to offer joint  solution for hybrid operating room
The heart of the joint solution is the angiography system Artis zeego and the Magnus operating table system. 18 Apr 2012

New book celebrates 40 years of computerised tomography
Forty years ago the invention of computerised (axial) tomography transformed medical care across the world. Behind it was a little-known British genius, Sir Godfrey Hounsfield. 18 Apr 2012

Isansys Lifecare achieves CE Mark for LifeTouch Patient Surveillance System
The LifeTouch is a cloud-ready medical device, and the first to be certified as a Class IIa medical device under the European Medical Device Directive (MDD). 18 Apr 2012

Westhouse Medical Services acquires glaucoma treatment from Sunridge International
Westhouse Medical Services Plc. has entered into a US$2m cash and bond deal to acquire the patents, manufacturing rights, distribution agreements and intellectual property for Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty. 18 Apr 2012

Phthalates in cosmetics and plastics could double risk of diabetes
Research at Uppsala University has found even a modest increase in phthalate levels in the blood doubles the risk. 15 April 2012

UK government to open £180m funding to support biotech and medtech companies
The Biomedical Catalyst fund for innovative SMEs and academia to develop solutions to healthcare challenges will open for applications at the end of April. 14 April 2012

Antimicrobial coating for catheters could reduce costs of infections
An antimicrobial coating made from positively charged compounds is being developed at Manchester University to reduce infections from catheters.

Whole genome sequencing does not inform of risk of common diseases
A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine has found that genome sequencing fails to provide informative guidance to most people about their risk for most common diseases, and warns against complacency born of negative genome test results. 10 April 2012

DNA sequencing of tumour enables ultimate personalised cancer treatment
DNA sequencing technology has been used to not only identify mutations at the root of a patient’s tumour but to map the genetic evolution of disease and monitor response to treatment at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. 10 April 2012

New guide to procurement in the NHS
The complex routes to NHS procurement are mapped out in a new publication, The NHS Procurement Guide, published quarterly by Medilink UK. 3 Apr 2012

BioCity Scotland offers £10,000 Dragon's Den prize for entrepreneur boot campers
The Boot Camp is a three-day intensive business development programme designed to prepare scientists to be their own boss. 3 Apr 2012

Boston Scientific launches gel to prevent stone migration in urologic procedures
Boston Scientific has launched BackStop Gel, a new technology designed to prevent stone migration during procedures used to break up and retrieve urinary stones. 2 Apr 2012

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