Maquet and Siemens to offer joint  solution for hybrid operating room

18 April 2012

Maquet and Siemens Healthcare have agreed to collaborate to introduce a combined system for diagnostics and surgical procedures.

 The first systems will be delivered and installed starting in May 2012. The heart of the joint solution is the angiography system Artis zeego (Siemens) and the Magnus operating table system (Maquet). The application is primarily intended for the hybrid operating room (OR).

A decisive benefit of the combined solution for hospitals is its versatile range of application in the OR: in future, the solution will be used for angiographic imaging as well as for open surgery. Both companies see considerable growth potential for the hybrid OR in this joint development, in particular for the fields of cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, traumatology and urology.

The agreement shall apply worldwide and be implemented by the subsidiaries of both companies individually and at a national level. In future, Siemens Healthcare Sector and Maquet will mutually advise customers on issues pertaining to the hybrid OR.

"We look forward to developing new global business portfolios with Siemens Healthcare and to show our customers the benefits of our combined system", says Michael Rieder, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Getinge Medical Systems.


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