Westhouse Medical Services acquires glaucoma treatment from Sunridge International

18 April 2012

Westhouse Medical Services Plc. has entered into a US$2m cash and bond deal to acquire the patents, manufacturing rights, distribution agreements and intellectual property for Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty (PNT), a method of treatment and equipment used to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

The acquisition gives Westhouse Medical Services direct access to the US healthcare market. This is of strategic importance as Westhouse prepare to launch BreastCheck, a revolutionary, non-invasive, breast cancer scanning device which could act as a pre-cursor to the mammogram. The patented and FDA approved BreastCheck product is set for release in summer 2012.

Westhouse is proactively looking to expand its two subsidiaries,  Devices and Services, and the acquisition of PNT as a ground-breaking new medical product will enhance the company’s devices portfolio.

PNT is a non-invasive method of treatment capable of reducing intra-occular pressure in sufferers of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG), which accounts for 95% of diagnosed glaucoma cases in Europe, the Americas and Africa, as well as ocular hypertension. PNT stimulates a drop in eye pressure, diminishing the need for drug-related treatment in most patients.

Westhouse CEO, Jack Kaye, commented, “Through this acquisition Westhouse will be able to improve the standards of care, and quality of life, for the world’s 67 million glaucoma sufferers, as well as lowering overall treatment costs. This maintains Westhouse’s commitment to improving primary healthcare, while creating value for investors, healthcare providers and patients alike.”

The Sunridge acquisition represents further growth of Westhouse’s Services subsidiary. This will be the second addition following the purchase of Profemme’s UK and US breast cancer screening patents in November 2011.


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