Stellar Biotechnologies launches keyhole limpet hemocyanin ELISA test kits

30 April 2012

Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. has launched the Stellar KLH ELISA test kits for the rapid, quantitative measure of anti-KLH antibodies in serum or plasma samples.

Stellar has launched six different kits to measure either IgG or IgM antibodies in a range of preclinical models. The new assay kits are the first anti-KLH ELISA's (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays) made with the Company's proprietary Stellar KLH Protein. This provides the unique benefits of quantitative measurements with wide dynamic range, low assay background and reproducible linearity.

"We saw that the quality of KLH used to make anti-KLH ELISA's can affect test results," said Frank Oakes, CEO and President of Stellar Biotechnologies. "Our goal was to apply Stellar KLH technology to improve the predictive value of pharmaceutical immunotoxicology testing using higher quality, standardized products — both KLH protein and assays — not available to researchers before."

In pharmaceutical research settings, KLH protein is often used as a test agent to determine a candidate drug's effects on the immune system. The tests are particularly relevant to new classes of immune modulating drugs in development. KLH can be used to assess both humoral and cellular immune responses. The Stellar KLH ELISA measures anti-KLH antibody levels following KLH immune stimulation.

Stellar KLH ELISA Test Kits, together with Stellar KLH Protein test agent, are intended to provide high level of control and consistency in immune response testing. Stellar's product line targets the increasing need among clinical researchers and pharmaceutical developers for improved assay sensitivity and analytical performance.


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