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BioCity Scotland signs up first business partner
BioCity Scotland, the newly-opened life sciences cluster in Newhouse, Lanarkshire, has signed a three-year agreement with leading patent attorneys HGF making them the first corporate partner to join the BioCity team. 29 Feb 2012

Cellnovo launches mobile-connected  diabetes management system
The system comprises an insulin pump that connects wirelessly to an intuitive 'app-based' touch-screen handset with integral blood glucose monitor, an activity monitor and a mobile (GSM) data connection to a web-based clinical management system. 29 Feb 2012

Automated blood culture systems deployed to NATO field hospital in Afghanistan
The UK Ministry of Defence has purchased three bioMérieux BacT/ALERT 3D 60 automated blood culture systems for the Camp Bastion Field Hospital in Afghanistan. 29 Feb 2012

Clinical studies show Boston Scientific WallFlex enteral stents safe and effective 
Boston Scientific Corporation has announced that it welcomes positive results from three studies of its WallFlex enteral stent systems, a family of self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) used to alleviate obstructive symptoms caused by cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. 29 Feb 2012

Integromics partners with FPGMX to develop low-cost methods for clinical genomics
Integromics has entered into a partnership with the Galician Foundation of Genomic Medicine for the development of inexpensive solutions for clinical genomics. 29 Feb 2012

RainDance and Sony DADC develop manufacturing capacity for DNA sequencing consumables
RainDance Technologies, Inc. and Sony DADC Austria AG, have further developed proprietary methods for the manufacture of microdroplet-based smart consumables for high-throughput targeted DNA sequencing applications. 29 February 2012

Wireless self-propelled chip swims through blood vessels
A tiny, wirelessly powered, self-propelled medical device capable of controlled motion through blood vessels has been developed by electrical engineers at Stanford University. 28 Feb 2012

Commonly prescribed sleeping pills linked to fourfold increased risk of death
A study of over 30,000 patients has found that a number of commonly prescribed sleeping pills are associated with a more than fourfold increased risk of death even at low doses. 28 Feb 2012

First implantable wireless programmable microchip for controlling drug delivery
MicroCHIPS, Inc. has published the results of the first successful human clinical trial with an implantable, wirelessly controlled and programmable microchip-based drug delivery device. 24 Feb 2012

Boston Scientific launches endoscopic ultrasound aspiration needle worldwide
The Expect 19 Flex endoscopic ultrasound aspiration needle is used for acquiring tissue samples under endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) guidance for cancer diagnosis in organs adjacent to the gastrointestinal tract. 24 Feb 2012

Laser-heated carbon nanotubes kill breast cancer stem cells
Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in the US have shown that injecting multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) into tumours and heating them with a 30-second laser treatment can kill them. 24 Feb 2012

Endomagnetics wins ACES award for most successful university spinout
Endomagnetics is developing advanced magnetic sensing technology for use in breast cancer staging, based on technology developed between University College London and at the University of Houston. 23 Feb 2012

Southampton and Oxford chemists to develop cheaper DNA building system
The scientists hope that their research could enable the production of useful DNA and RNA molecular structures more efficiently and on a larger scale than is possible using current enzyme-based technologies. 23 Feb 2012

Light against Cancer raises awareness of photodynamic therapy to treat tumours
The German organisation Light against Cancer is raising awareness of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) as a new therapeutic approach for treating cancer without the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 23 Feb 2012

LGC Standards announces ATCC SDO release of ground-breaking standards for human cell lines
The ATCC Standards Development Organization, has published its second voluntary consensus standard, ASN-0002: Authentication of Human Cell Lines: Standardization of STR Profiling. 23 Feb 2012

New thyroid uptake system from Southern Scientific
The Capintec Captus 700t has a new colour touchscreen that simplifies and speeds-up thyroid uptake, wipe, bio-assay, blood volume and RBC survival tests. 23 Feb 2012

UCB and Cyclofluidic announce success for new drug discovery platform
Scientists at Cyclofluidic are currently developing a technology platform called the Cyclofluidic Integrated Discovery Platform (CIDP) and have used this proprietary technology to design, make and screen potential drug molecules against selected targets. 22 Feb 2012

Expert panel highlights dangers of unregulated use of nanomaterials in consumer products
The panel, convened by the National Research Council (NRC), published a report that concluded that despite the surge of nanomaterials in the marketplace, not enough is known about their potential health and environmental risks. 22 Feb 2012

EOS Imagine raises over €38m on NYSE
NBGI Ventures has announced that its portfolio company EOS Imagine, has raised over €38 million in a successful public offering of shares on the NYSE Euronext. 20 Feb 2012

PneumaScan installed in Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Cambridge company PneumaCare Limited has installed its innovative PneumaScan respiratory assessment device in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. 20 Feb 2012

UCL spinout takes nano-enabled pain therapy to international markets
Support by the UK NanoKTN has helped UCL School of Pharmacy spin-out Nanomerics to take its patented nano-enabled therapeutic technology to international markets. 20 Feb 2012

NHS interest in financing techniques to purchase medical equipment soars
New research from Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has revealed steeply rising interest in leasing in the NHS. The research tracked the number and the value of leasing tenders issued by the NHS. 20 Feb 2012

Discovery of peptides in flu virus opens door to universal flu vaccine
The discovery of a series of peptides, on the internal structures of influenza viruses could lead to the development of a universal vaccine for all strains of influenza. 20 Feb 2012

Lack of evidence of safety of cold water baths in sport
Top athletes and sports people commonly use cold water baths after exercise to reduce muscle soreness, but it is unclear whether there are harmful side effects or that this is better than other methods. 15 Feb 2012

Phosphate additives in food cause artery damage and premature aging
There is increasing evidence that an elevated level of phosphate in the blood not only promotes calcification of blood vessels and bodily organs but also upsets a complex hormonal system involved in regulation of phosphate in the body. 15 Feb 2012

European neurodegenerative disease research strategy launched
The EU Joint Programme in Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) is the first of the European Joint Programming initiatives which are designed to address the ‘grand challenges’ facing EU society. 9 Feb 2012

Boston Scientific launches crossing device to treat blockages in peripheral arteries
Boston Scientific has launched in the USA the TruePath CTO Device, designed to facilitate the crossing of chronic total occlusions within the peripheral vasculature.  9 Feb 2012

Sanofi: 2011 Results Benefit from Genzyme Acquisition.  8 Feb 2012

Syngenta CEO Announces Record Free Cashflow at Full-Year Results.  8 Feb 2012

Gerresheimer Achieves High Growth in the 2011 Financial Year.  8 Feb 2012

Siemens Forms New Companion Diagnostics Partnerships with ViiV Healthcare and Tocagen.  8 Feb 2012

Pepscan Therapeutics Achieves Milestones in Research Collaboration With Janssen R&D Ireland. 8 Feb 2012

Maquet launches 3D HD surgical camera
Maquet has launched Orchide 3D, a medical grade 3D high definition video camera. This camera sets a new standard of image quality in surgery, with the ability to distinguish depth in the screen as well as in a body cavity. 6 Feb 2012

Southern Scientific moves to Henfield
The move follows the purchase of Southern Scientific in September 2011 by LabLogic Systems. 6 Feb 2012

GE healthymagination Fund invests in Check-Cap's ingestible imaging capsule
GE Financial Services has announced that it has invested in Israeli company Check-Cap Ltd, a developer of an ingestible X-ray imaging capsule that may help detect intestinal polyps and colorectal cancer. 6 Feb 2012

Targeted nanoparticles deliver diabetes drugs directly to pancreas
Lab studies have shown that nanoparticles containing protein molecules that bind to pancreas cells can effectively deliver diabetes drugs directly to the pancreas, the organ that produces insulin and is at most risk during onset of diabetes.

World's first designer jaw built from titanium using additive manufacturing
Belgian company LayerWise has built a total lower jaw implant from titanium using its additive manufacturing (AM) system. The jaw was built to treat a senior patient’s progressive osteomyelitis of almost the entire lower jawbone. 3 Feb 2012

AstraZeneca announces 2,200 R&D job cuts worldwide
AstraZeneca has announced a set of new restructuring initiatives along with its full-year 2011 results today. The programme is expected to lead to 7,300 job losses in total, with 2,200 of those R&D and save $1.6bn annually. 2 Feb 2012

Influenza virus diagnosed in record time with new genetic test
The test, developed by researchers at the RIKEN Omics Science Center  can detect influenza virus infection in 40 minutes and with one hundred times the sensitivity of conventional methods. 2 Feb 2012

Liverpool universities and hospitals to build 2 million sq ft BioInnovation Centre
The Liverpool BioInnovation Centre is a 2 million square foot project that aims to create up to 5000 high tech jobs and make Liverpool a world class centre of innovation in the life sciences. 2 Feb 2012

BD Max benchtop rapid MRSA assay test launched in Europe
BD MAX is a bench-top molecular system designed to perform a broad range of molecular testing. 2 Feb 2012

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