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MIRSURG project develops table-top laser for minimally invasive brain surgery
The solid-state laser system emits short pulses exactly at 6.45 microns with a repetition rate of 100-200 Hz. It that can cut brain tissue with unprecedented precision and greatly reduced collateral damage. 31 May 2012

Enzyme-coated gold nanoparticles make ultra-sensitive disease detectors
Enzyme-coated gold nanoparticles can detect disease biomarkers at several orders of magnitude lower concentrations than current tests and will make it possible to detect a range of diseases earlier. 30 May 2012

Boston Scientific announces expanded indication for CRE wire-guided balloon dilator
The new indication offers physicians the ability to now perform Dilation Assisted Stone Extraction (DASE) with the CRE Wireguided Balloon Dilator. This is an alternative method for the removal of difficult stones in the biliary duct. 30 May 2012

NanoKTN helps secure £3.2m funding for X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy facility
NEXUS in nanoLAB at Newcastle University is one of a series of "mid-range facilities" funded by EPSRC and comprising a high-tech suite of XPS and associated facilities for open-access use. 30 May 2012

Ealing Hospital expands radiology procedures and streamlines workflow
A new Artis zee C-arm is being used for a number of procedures including angiography, fluoroscopy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). 30 May 2012

Stago launches rapid HIT exclusion test in the UK
Stago has launched a simple test that will rapidly exclude heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), following use of heparin in surgery, in just 10 minutes. 28 May 2012

Swansea University leads £1.5m initiatives to develop expertise in nanomedicine
The Celtic Alliance for NanoHealth will support institutions and companies in Wales and Ireland, and the Global Hub in Medical Technologies and NanoHealth will facilitate a series of staff exchanges with international academic partners. 28 May 2012

Abbott awarded CE mark for PLEX-ID rapid microbial identification system and clinical tests
PLEX-ID, which is based on molecular diagnostic technologies, addresses a significant unmet need for rapid detection and identification of a broad range of microbes that cause infections in patients. 28 May 2012

Idaho Technology receives FDA 510(k) clearance for rapid respiratory pathogen detection system
Idaho Technology, Inc. has announced US FDA 510(k) clearance of five additional pathogens for its FilmArray RP system and the launch in European markets. 28 May 2012

Patients' skin cells turned into heart muscle cells to repair damaged hearts
For the first time skin cells from heart failure patients have been reprogrammed into healthy, new heart muscle cells that are capable of integrating with existing heart tissue.  25 May 2012

Better treatment urgently needed for end-stage kidney disease patients
A quarter of end-stage kidney disease patients in Europe do not feel involved in the decisions made about their own treatment choices. 24 May 2012

UK medtech sector boosted by launch of Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus
The Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus will provide one of the world’s largest health innovation spaces, with the aim of establishing the UK as a global force in the sector. 22 May 2012

Clinical trials news: Boston Scientific clinical data on endoscopy; Receptos on role of RPC1063 in IBD; Arqule & Daiichi Sankyo on Tivantinib; Sequenom CMM's MaterniT21 PLUS Lab-developed Test for Fetal Trisomies, etc

IET AF Harvey prize lecture on controlling brain circuits with light
Professor Ed Boyden of the MIT Media Lab and the MIT McGovern Institute will be presenting the Institution of Engineering and Technology AF Harvey Prize lecture on 19 June. 17 May 2012

Definiens Tissue Studio supports  detection of spot-like signals from in situ hybridization assays
Definiens Tissue Studio 3.5 now supports the automated analysis of in situ hybridization assays, including SISH, CISH, FISH and dual-ISH.

Sygnature Discovery and Pneumolabs partner in drug development services
The companies have entered into a strategic alliance to provide a fully-integrated drug discovery service to accelerate clients’ drug discovery programmes into development. 17 May 2012

COCIR reports on International Medical Device Industry Compliance Conference
This year’s conference agenda featured a variety of sessions and roundtables to address, amongst others, global anticorruption trends and risk management and transparency. 17 May 2012

Key cellular mechanisms behind the onset of tinnitus identified
Research into hearing loss after exposure to loud noises could lead to the first drug treatments to prevent the development of tinnitus. 16 May 2012

Nanoparticles revive failed cancer drug
A University of North Carolina (UNC) team has developed nanoparticle drug carriers that have successfully delivered therapeutic doses of a cancer drug that had previously failed clinical development due to pharmacological challenges. 14 May 2012

Report on the St Petersburg International Forum on Pharmacy
The event was mainly focused on elaboration of effective solutions for rapid development of Russian pharmacy and medicine, creation, production and introduction of innovative, high quality medications into clinical practice. 16 May 2012

New Ziehm Solo C-Arm for Letterkenny General Hospital
The Urology day care facility at Letterkenny General Hospital in Ireland has taken delivery of a new mobile image intensifier from Xograph Healthcare. 14 May 2012

Given Imaging announces first centre of excellence for colon capsule endoscopy
The Policlinico Agostino Gemelli in Rome, the largest private university in Italy, has become the first colon capsule endoscopy Center of Excellence. 14 May 2012

Peratech creates electronic nose using quantum tunnelling composite technology
The new sensor technology detects the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) very rapidly and can recover in seconds. 14 May 2012

Conference on funding innovation in biotech and medtech
This event, on 13 June 2012, will help identify the best routes to accessing funding programmes that match project needs. 14 May 2012

Sharps Terminator destroys syringe needles immediately after use
The device destroys the needle shaft in a single-handed action leaving the user with only the plastic syringe. 14 May 2012

Immune-system-boosting cancer treatment described in Nature Medicine
The new reagents known as ImmTACs (immune mobilising mTCR against cancer) mobilise T cells to kill cancer cells and overcome immune tolerance to cancer. 14 May 2012

Manchester university spin-out turns into world leading quantum dot producer
Quantum dot producer Nanoco has grown from a university spin-out to one of the UK’s most significant nanotechnology companies. 8 May 2012

Transplanting photoreceptor cells into eyes restores sight in mice
Transplanting photoreceptors from the eye could form the basis of a new treatment to restore sight in people with degenerative eye diseases such as diabetes related blindness. 8 May 2012

US organisations force change in FDA policy on safety of nanomaterials
Last week the FDA released new draft guidances on the use of nanotechnology in food and cosmetics. The agency’s actions followed a lawsuit filed in December 2011 by a group of non-profits demanding oversight action. 6 May 2012

Seminar in Birmingham on market for devices for diabetics
Commercial opportunities to develop new devices for diabetics will be showcased in the first of a series of events by medtech industry specialist Medilink. 6 May 2012

Sunlight and air powers device for producing sterile water
Researchers at the University of Hull are developing a device aimed at remote communities where conventional systems using chemicals or electricity are not a viable option. 6 May 2012

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