Ealing Hospital expands radiology procedures and streamlines workflow

30 May 2012

Ealing Hospital in west London, part of Ealing Hospital NHS Trust, has installed a ceiling-mounted Artis zee C-arm from Siemens Healthcare.

It is hoped the system will streamline procedures in the radiology department and help alleviate workload from departments in high-demand such as CT.

With a motorised C-arm and large flat detector, the Artis zee is being used for a number of procedures including angiography, fluoroscopy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), musculoskeletal imaging and liver and lung biopsies. The radiology department also plans to expand the number of procedures offered using the Artis zee, such as for embolisation.

For the first time, the hospital is able to acquire 3D cross-sectional images using application syngo DynaCT. Displayed in less than 20 seconds directly at the tableside, the aim is to reduce the need for the patient to be transferred to the CT system for additional imaging, assisting with clinical confidence, departmental workflow and helping to keep dose to a minimum.

“Key factors which led to the selection of the Artis zee ceiling were its low dose capabilities, reliability, ease of use and of course its added functionality suited to a wide range of procedures,” said Kathy Goraya, Deputy Imaging Manager at Ealing Hospital. “The image quality is fantastic and we can now focus on a specific organ and rotate the flexible C-arm around the patient to help reduce dose and speed up procedures for radiologists.”

“This latest Artis zee installation joins a CT and a number of other imaging systems throughout Ealing Hospital, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to delivering the highest levels of patient care,” said Andreas Hadjiphanis, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “It is pleasing to see that the radiology department is not only using the system for a wide range of procedures, but that it is also a pivotal part of the department’s plans to expand the number of procedures and help alleviate the load of CT and high-demand areas.”

Source: Siemens Healthcare


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