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Novel cancer treatment using drug release controlled by NIR-stimulated nanoparticles
Controlled drug release at the site of a tumour using near-infrared stimulation of nanoparticles shows promise as a non-invasive treatment for deep cancer. 27 Sept 2012

Diabetes linked to composition of intestinal flora
A study of the genetics of intestinal flora in diabetics has found a characteristic mix of bacteria that could be used for classifying type 2 diabetes. 27 Sept 2012

ABHI launches website to promote UK medtech exporters at trade fairs
ABHI International has launched ABHI UK Pavilion to promote UK medical technology manufacturers and help SMEs gain access to foreign markets. 26 Sept 2012.

Biophytis awarded €1.5m to combat sarcopenic obesity
Biophytis will use the funds for its SARCOB project to develop nutritional products for preventing and treating sarcopenic obesity. 26 Sept 2012

OrthAlign chooses ADI's iMEMS motion sensor for portable surgical navigation system
OrthAlign's portable surgical navigation system is used to guide femoral alignment during knee surgery. 26 Sept 2012

Ultra cheap ultrasound scanner could reduce maternal deaths in developing countries
A sonar engineer at Newcastle University has developed a low cost ultrasound scanner that can plug into a normal laptop to produce images of a foetus. 24 Sept 2012

AQAI Simulation Centre Mayence optimises training in use of anaesthetics
Medical products supplier Baxter is co-operating with AQAI to train medical staff in the Middle East to use its anaesthetic. 24 Sept 2012

Erasmus Medical Centre speeds up cancer research with digital pathology system
Erasmus MC is the first hospital in the Netherlands to switch to a digital system for their laboratory analysis of cell and tissue samples. 24 Sept 2012

St Jude mini neurostimulator to treat chronic migraine gains EU approval
The Eon and Genesis systems deliver peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) of the occipital nerves to manage the pain and disability associated with intractable chronic migraine. 21 Sept 2012

ASEAN Medical Device Directive to give US$400m boost to market
A new co-operation agreement between 10 South East Asia countries to standardize medical device registration will allow suppliers to take advantage of more than $400M of new emerging business in four key areas. 21 Sept 2012

Philips donates millionth AED in US
Philips will donate its one-millionth HeartStart AED to help communities combat the potentially fatal effects of sudden cardiac arrest. 19 Sept 2012

Cardiac cells generated from stem cells using carbon nanotubes
The electrical stimulation of carbon nanotubes can direct stem cells to form cardiac cells. The technique could give the ability to repair damaged heart muscle, which has little natural repair capacity. 19 Sept 2012

Boston Scientific expands cardiology portfolio with acquisition of BridgePoint Medical
BridgePoint Medical is a privately held company that has developed a catheter-based system to treat coronary chronic total occlusions (CTOs). 20 Sept 2012

Health and safety guidelines issued for working with nanomaterials
The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has published the first-ever health and safety guidance for working with nanomaterials in research and development. 20 Sept 2012

DNA tracking of TB outbreaks could identify origin
Whole-genome sequencing of killer diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) could reconstruct the spread from person to person and quickly identify the origin and movement of pathogens. 19 Sept 2012

High-definition fibre tractography is new tool for brain imaging
High-definition fibre tractography (HDFT) can trace the course of nerve fibre connections within the brain with more accuracy and give a greater understanding of the brain's functional networks. 19 Sept 2012

Optical instrument helps diagnose and monitor peripheral arterial disease
This noninvasive imaging technique, known as dynamic diffuse optical tomography imaging, uses near-infrared light to map the concentration of haemoglobin in the body’s tissue. 18 Sept 2012

Old antibiotic is new hope in fight against  tuberculosis
Researchers at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have discovered that the natural antibiotic pyridomycin, first reported in the 1950s, can kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis by inhibiting a vital enzyme.  See video of the drug in action. 18 Sept 2012

China achieves basic healthcare for all eight years ahead of plan
Following a national healthcare reform programme, China has extended basic healthcare access to more than 95% of its 1.35 billion population eight years ahead of schedule. 17 Sept 2012

UK-developed growth hormone test is new tool for sports anti-doping agencies
Scientists from three UK universities have developed a new test to detect blood proteins that show that an athlete has used growth hormone. 17 Sept 2012

Diabetes drug could boost memory and help Alzheimer's sufferers
A drug given to diabetes sufferers to control their response to sugar stimulates cell growth in the hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in memory. 17 Sept 2012

Chemicals from Sea Squirt could make smaller, greener computer chips
Scientists from the Universities of Aberdeen and St Andrews have developed a method to make components of a new type of computer chip using organic chemicals from a sea squirt. 13 Sept 2012

Human genome could have twice as many genes as first thought, says GENCODE
The GENCODE Consortium, part of the ENCODE Project, made the conclusion following a review of available data on gene activity. 13 Sept 2012

Boston Scientific's Precision Plus spinal cord stimulator gains CE mark
The company's Precision Plus spinal cord stimulator (SCS) System for peripheral nerve stimulation for patients with chronic intractable pain of the trunk has received EU approval. 13 Sept 2012

Life Technologies takes benchtop genome sequencer on tour of UK in a Mini
The company is taking a fully functional benchtop Personal Genome Machine (PGM) DNA sequencer nestled in the boot of a Mini on a tour of UK universities. 13 Sept 2012

No such think as 'junk' DNA in human genome, ENCODE project discovers
An international project studying the human genome has found that much of what has been called ‘junk DNA’ in the human genome in fact plays an essential role in gene activity. 10 Sept 2012

Bacteria in skin mites targeted as cause of rosacea 
The common dermatological condition called rosacea could be triggered by bacteria in tiny mites that live in the skin, according to research by the National University of Ireland. 10 Sept 2012

Nanoparticle form of tea polyphenols  reverses antioxidant properties
When used in bulk form, these polyphenols showed antioxidant responses, but the nanoform at higher concentrations exhibited pro-oxidant effects. 10 Sept 2012

Artificial cell tissue grown with embedded wiring opens way for 'cyborg' organisms
This is the first time that electronics and artificial tissue have been truly merged in 3D, allowing direct sensing and potentially stimulation of the tissue. 10 Sept 2012

ESC launches ICD for Life initiative
The European Society of Cardiology  is raising awareness of the the importance of ICDs and sudden cardiac death in Central and Eastern Europe through ICD for Life. 10 Sept 2012

New ‘traffic light’ test could help GPs diagnose liver disease earlier
The Southampton Traffic Light (STL) test combines several different tests and clinical markers that are given a score that indicates the patient’s likelihood of developing liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. 5 Sept 2012

Liverpool University pioneers use of nanomedicines to treat HIV/AIDS
The University is leading a £1.65 million project to test the drugs  made from nanoscale particles, which could allow smaller doses. 5 Sep 2012

First implant of electronic eye in Australia
Researchers at Bionic Vision Australia have successfully performed an implant of an early prototype electronic eye at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne. 4 Sept 2012

Sygnature Discovery strengthens management team
Nottingham-based Sygnature Discovery Limited appointed Colin Sambrook Smith to the newly-created role of Head of Computational Chemistry and Informatics. 4 Sept 2012

Toshiba announces 5-year medical imaging partnership with Manchester United
In the five-year partnership Toshiba will provide CT, MRI and ultrasound scanners to the Club’s medical team based at The Trafford Training Centre, Carrington. 3 Sept 2012

British Business Embassy summit on assistive technology heads to birthplace of Paralympics
A unique business summit hosted today by UKTI presents the UK’s excellence in assistive medical technologies to international business leaders. The group will spend part of the day in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the birthplace of the Paralympics. 3 Sept 2012

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