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Aintree University Hospital's EMR project commended at UK IT Industry Awards
The Trust was recognised for its innovative approach to implementing an electronic medical records (EMR) system to enable instant access to patient information. 30 Nov 2012

Philips wins contract to supply defibrillators to KLM and Air France
Philips will equip all KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France passenger flights with its HeartStart automated external defibrillators (AEDs). 30 Nov 2012

National brain injury service directory launched in UK
BrainNav will provide users with a national directory of rehabilitation centres, cognitive therapists, clinics, and other specialist facilities, to help support both them and their carers, and ultimately assist in their recovery process. 30 Nov 2012

Endomagnetics selected as high-potential company by Future 50 Project
Endomagnetics is developing nanomagnetic technology as an alternative to the radioisotopes currently used for tracking the spread of cancer. 30 Nov 2012

Siemens presents new range of imaging products for cost-sensitive buyers at RSNA
Siemens Healthcare presented new economical systems in computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and an entry-level version of its imaging software syngo.via. 28 Nov 2012

Barnsley Council integrates health and social care records
The Council is now able to match in real-time an individual’s NHS and social care record through NHS number validation against the Personal Demographics Service. 28 Nov 2012

UK government support for university and business research partnerships favours the South of England
When complete, the combined government, business and charity support will deliver more than £1 billion of new funding for research, with £497 in the South. 28 Nov 2012

GE launches Universal Viewer for PACS
With this week’s introduction of Universal Viewer, GE Healthcare aims to put clinical insight within reach to help radiologists and referring physicians deliver patient results efficiently. 27 Nov 2012

Philips shows radiologists how to address clinical and economic challenges at RSNA
Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) continues the Imaging 2.0 journey by showcasing several new features for existing image modalities at RSNA 2012. 27 Nov 2012

Genetically engineered bacteria can commit suicide for good of population
Scientists at EMBO in Heidelberg have engineered bacteria that are capable of sacrificing themselves in certain conditions where it benefits the bacterial population. 26 Nov 2012

Kainos drives healthcare software innovation with Health Hack NI
A pioneering ‘Health Hack’ in Belfast next month will bring together medical clinicians and technology and design talent to develop the next generation of healthcare software applications. 26 Nov 2012

€300 million boost for biomedicine in Berlin
Two of Berlin's largest biomedical research centres are merging to form the Berlin Institute of Health (BHI), a joint venture that will receive at least €300 million in new funding over the next five years. 26 Nov 2012

Stresses of rocket launch and landing produce changes to immune system
Immune system development is affected by gravity changes experienced during rocket launch and landing, which disrupts the body’s natural defences against infection. 26 Nov 2012

Device generates electricity from beating heart to power pacemaker
The experimental device can convert energy from a beating heart using piezoelectric crystals to provide enough electricity to power a pacemaker and eliminate the need for batteries. 23 Nov 2012

North West Fund for Biomedical invests £400,000 in local medtech companies
This is the third tranche of funding for both companies, which received initial Pathfinder investments in 2011 and further development funds earlier this year. 23 Nov 2012

Financial incentives successfully improve hospital mortality rates
A study of hospitals across Northwest England has shown that a combination of competition and collaboration, with financial incentives for success, gave a significant fall in mortality rates for certain conditions. 23 Nov 2012

Q-Cancer awarded £1.4m to develop QuantuMDx benchtop tumour profiler
The Q-CANCER project will integrate QuantuMDx Group’s rapid on-chip lab processes and develop the first sub-20 minute tumour profiler. 23 Nov 2012

Tuberculosis bacteria's defence mechanism discovered — opens way for new treatment
A team of Flemish biologists have discovered that the tuberculosis bacterium has an ingenious defence mechanism against oxidation, the system used by the body to attack invading bacteria. 22 Nov 2012

Handheld device can detect diseases from tiny samples in minutes
The card-sized device, which needs no power, lays the groundwork for early-stage point-of-care diagnosis of diseases such as cancers and Alzheimer's. 22 Nov 2012

Breakthrough in understanding cell processes could lead to new medical treatments
Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Weizmann Institute of Science have identified a means of controlling biological processes that could help treatments for immune disease, neurological disorders and cancer. 22 Nov 2012

Blackpool hospitals use genetic testing to reduce MRSA
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has introduced rapid screening for the superbug MRSA of all emergency admissions patients, and both MRSA and MSSA for surgical patients admitted through A&E. 22 Nov 2012

UK Business Secretary announces a few more peanuts to be invested in tech sector
The Technology Strategy Board will invest up to a further £6 million in new Launchpad competitions to accelerate the development of existing clusters of innovative high growth SMEs around the UK. 21 Nov 2012

Philips announces 500th order for Ambient Experience hospital installation
Philips has announced that the  San Joaquin Community Hospital, California, has ordered a Big Bore CT treatment planning room with Ambient Experience for its new Cancer Center. 21 Nov 2012

Boston Scientific defibrillators receive CE Mark for extended longevity
Boston Scientific has received CE Mark for its Incepta, Energen, Punctua, Cognis and Teligen ICDs and CRT-Ds. 21 Nov 2012

Royal Marsden and ICR open groundbreaking Centre for Molecular Pathology
Scientists will be able to monitor whether new-generation cancer drugs are successful to an unprecedented degree of detail following the opening of a new world-class research facility. 21 Nov 2012

London hospitals rollout smartphone app for internal emergency response
Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT) in London has rolled-out a Responder Smartphone App for BlackBerry phones, as part of a major upgrade of its emergency response facilities. 21 Nov 2012

SpinChip microfluidics device analyses blood at the point of care
Norwegian company SpinChip has developed a microfluidics-based chip contained in a portable device that analyses blood samples at the point of care and provides immediate results. 14 Nov 2012

QuantuMDx acquires identity testing services company Northgene
The acquisition will provide funds to further develop NorthGene’s laboratory and staffing infrastructure, secure various laboratory accreditations and to expand the Company’s test portfolio and DNA analysis services. 14 Nov 2012

Abnormal gene found to be cause of rare childhood leukemia
An international team has identified a fusion gene responsible for almost 30% of a rare subtype of childhood leukaemia with an extremely poor survival rate. 14 Nov 2012

All social groups equally affected by obesity epidemic
A Swedish study shows that obesity is increasing across all social groups and that we need to look at factors other than socioeconomic status to understand and solve one of the major public health concerns of the Western world. 14 Nov 2012

Novel treatment for epilepsy based on viral vectors and cell transplants
The EU-funded EPIXCHANGE project aims to develop treatments for epilepsy by using viruses to infect brain cells and by transplanting cells into the brain. 14 Nov 2012

Addenbrooke's Hospital pioneers 3D vision system for brain surgery in the UK
The 3D vision system enables the viewing of extremely detailed operations, such as brain tumour, vascular and skull base surgeries. 14 Nov 2012

DNA sequencing tracks source of MRSA in hospital infection
A Cambridge-based team has used advanced DNA sequencing technologies to confirm the presence of an ongoing outbreak of MRSA at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, in real time. 14 Nov 2012

3D imaging device enables dramatic improvement in wound care
Eykona Medical has developed an imaging device that can automatically measure the characteristics of diabetic wounds in 3D, faster and with greater consistency and accuracy. 13 Nov 2012

Hand-held device can diagnose flu virus strains in minutes
Newcastle-based OJ-Bio has secured funds to further develop a device for the rapid, simple and low cost diagnosis of flu and other viruses. 13 Nov 2012

Brazilian medtech manufacturers expect  increased sales at MEDICA
ABIMO estimates that about US$2 million of deals will be closed at the fair. The Brazilian delegation will include 50 companies making 14 new product launches. 8 Nov 2012

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics achieves CE mark for DCA HbA1c diabetes test
The test kit has achieved the CE mark as an aid to diagnose diabetes and identify patients at risk from developing the disease. 8 Nov 2012

Nanoparticles improve strength of 'invisible' dental brackets
A polymer used for dental braces has improved mechanical properties and abrasion resistance when alumina nanoparticles are added to the ingredients. 8 Nov 2012

phenox receives CE Mark approval for brain embolisation device
The phenox p64 flow modulation device is an intraluminal flow diverter intended to treat complex intracranial aneurysms and dissections. 6 Nov 2012

Zilico secures further £750K funding for cervical cancer test
Zilico Ltd has secured £750K investment from The North West Fund for BioMedical. This follows £1m investment announced in June 2012. 6 Nov 2012

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