Brazilian medtech manufacturers expect  increased sales at MEDICA

8 November 2012

Alert to market demands, and with strong investments in research, development and innovation to make products of ever increasing quality, the Brazilian health equipment industry will arrive at MEDICA expecting to increase sales.

According to ABIMO (the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association), around US$2 million of deals will be closed at the fair.

And, the association further predicts that additional sales (for which a figure has not yet been estimated) will be made over the course of the year based on the more than three thousand contacts that Brazil's exhibitors are expected to make during the four days of MEDICA.

The Brazilian delegation will count with 50 companies and no less than 14 new product launches, in addition to the showcasing of new health equipment lines and models. Brazil's health equipment is currently exported to more than 180 countries, among which the main buyers can be found in the US, Argentina, Venezuela, Belgium and Germany.

“Brazilian companies comply with the requirements of sustainable production and quality that are currently in force in the most sophisticated markets. This  means the country's products are reliable whilst also offering an excellent cost-benefit ratio”, says ABIMO President Paulo Fraccaro.

Product launches

Diagnostek will be focusing on its Paratest System, which is able to condense the faecal examination for parasitological diagnosis from collection to conservation, offering a clean sediment for microscopic analysis. Greenfiz, the conservant used, is biodegradable. Among the product's advantages are its biosafety, the elimination of unpleasant odours and the conservation of the sample for more than 10 days.

The leading Brazilian manufacturer of neonatal products, Fanem will be presenting its new BabyPuff Reanimador Infantil 1020 at MEDICA. The product features a more versatile design that comes in four different versions: traditional, table use, portable and wall-mounted. It will also launch its chambers for storing blood and blood derivatives, vaccines, medication and other materials requiring low temperatures. The company's laboratory line is complemented by its platelet agitator, used in conserving blood.

Founded in 1915, FAMI will be exhibiting sanitary products made from stainless steel, aluminium or plastic at MEDICA. Their samples include items used for transporting, storing and sterilising instruments and prosthetics, as well as those for use in surgical theatres, headboards, veterinary laboratories and for podological and aesthetic use.

With experience of manufacturing devices for telemedical and homecare, the highlights brought by Hi Technologies include a non-invasive arterial pressure monitor, a capnograph, and a version of the Milli oximeter that is specifically designed for telemedical and homecare use. The company aims to create a new concept in capnography, with a focus on bring the human element to telemedicine and homecare.

Ibramed will be launching the Thermopulse, the first short wave diathermic device that produces electrical and magnetic fields. The device is indicated for analgesia, muscular relaxation, controlling inflammation and tissue repair and regeneration.

Lifesil will be showcasing its line of health products made from silicone, such as breast and gluteal implants, silicone gel tapes, breast implant measurement devices and umbilical dilators.  The company has been certified to the highest quality for breast implants in Brazil, and is currently being certified by the European Community.

P. A. MED's highlights for MEDICA comprise measurement instruments in their BIC, Innova and Omega lines. The Innova line of sphygmometers and stethoscopes feature innovative design and materials used in the treatment of allergies. The Omega line, in turn, focuses on high precision sphygmometers and the Rappaport model - a stethoscope for accurate arterial pressure measurement and heart and lung auscultation. The BIC brand boasts a variety of sphygmometers, stethoscopes and accessories for hospitals, clinics and medical field use. 

Schioppa will be bringing its Agile series to the fair, which has new wheel products for doctors and general equipment that are extremely safe and hygienic.

Traumec will be launching precision dissection tools for microdissection that can be applied to all of the medical, dental and surgical specialties. With an ultrafine point, the tool allows for highly accurate incisions, reducing bleeding during surgery and minimising post-surgical swelling and trauma for the patient. Other new items of note include its surgical drill bits for operations in a variety of specialties and surgical blades that assist in the cutting of bone and rigid tissue. 

WEM's main attraction for MEDICA will be its SS-601 MCA electrosurgical unit featuring connections and interfaces with the other operating theatre equipment. The technology allows the device to be used during robotic surgery, which can be undertaken on location or remotely. This version unites all the commands and data for the procedure on a single computer screen.

The company will also be showcasing its Canady-Vieira (Griff) multifunctional pen for complex surgical procedures at risk of significant bleeding; the SS 501 SX electrosurgical unit for advanced procedures; and, theSS-200E + Argon 2 electrosurgical system for endoscopy and colonoscopy. Their Presidente G Unique chair will also be found at their stand, and features electronic commands to easily adjust the seat, back and footrest using a pedal.

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