Sussex Health Informatics Service secures 40,000 networked devices

5 June 2013

Sussex Health Informatics Service (HIS) has selected ForeScout CounterACT to deliver real-time access and endpoint security for 40,000 devices across 500 sites.

Sussex HIS needed to replace an ageing intrusion prevention system (IPS) that was a reactive defence fraught with false notifications. Rather than invest solely in perimeter security, Sussex HIS sought to acquire a more proactive, network-based approach for access and endpoint compliance.

The system provides Sussex HIS with visibility of all IP devices and users on its network and the ability for deeper inspection to highlight issues and potentially unwanted applications on those devices. The platform is centrally managed across Sussex HIS distributed sites and works with their vastly mixed operating environment.

Any device on the network is identified and assessed against policy, providing the IT services team with instant intelligence and an automated means to grant, limit, mediate or block any insecure IP device or person highlighted as a risk to NHS data, infrastructure and hardware.

Peter Ward, senior client devices engineer, IT services at Sussex HIS, said, “In a healthcare environment, everything from sterile washers, MRI scanners, medical kiosks, patient monitoring systems through to the chief executive’s iPad — all need to be classified correctly and monitored. If the organisation inadvertently identifies a patient monitoring system incorrectly as a rogue device, and subsequently blocks it, that is potentially life threatening.”

“Healthcare environments incorporate a diverse range of hardware such as PCs, laptops, network infrastructure, medical equipment, as well as users that change daily. CounterACT enables organisations like Sussex HIS to monitor, in real time, who and what devices are connecting to their network while also checking the compliancy of all endpoints and remediating any problems without disruption to service or end-users. We welcome other healthcare organisations to take a CounterACT test-drive to experience the extensive benefits,” said John Hagerty, EMEA sales director for ForeScout.



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