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ObsEva announces €26m series A funding from venture capital firms
Swiss company ObsEva has announced the closing of a CHF32m Series-A financing round led by Sofinnova Partners, and co-led by Sofinnova Ventures and Novo A/S. 30 Aug 2013

Alcohol is greatest factor in onset of early dementia
A study by researchers at Umeå University in Sweden has found that the risk factor most strongly linked to the development of early dementia is alcohol poisoning, which increased the risk almost five times. 30 Aug 2013

Obese people with few gut flora are more susceptible to chronic diseases
An international research project, MetaHIT, has found that people with fewer bacterial species in their intestines are more likely to develop health complications, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. 30 Aug 2013

World’s largest collection of engineered human cell lines available for research
Austrian biotechnology company Haplogen and the Center for Molecular Medicine have announced that they are making available their large collection of human cell lines that are deficient for single genes. 30 Aug 2013

Space and life sciences centre established in Edinburgh Bioquarter
A new Centre of Excellence for Space and Life Sciences to be based at the Edinburgh BioQuarter will create a physical environment for innovation in the crossover between health and space technologies. 30 Aug 2013

Siemens introduces PET-CT with patient flow-through
Siemens Healthcare has launched the Biograph mCT Flow, a PET-CT system that moves the patient smoothly through the system’s gantry, while continuously acquiring PET data. 30 Aug 2013

Small monitor records temperature of medicines and vaccines in logistics chain
Swiss company Escatec has announced is building nearly a third of a million temperature monitors a year for Berlinger & Co of Switzerland. 29 Aug 2013

ValiRx wins €1.6m grant to develop genetics-based cancer treatment
ValiRx plc and consortium member Pharmatest Services have been awarded a €1.6 million Eurostars grant to progress the pre-clinical studies of its novel product VAL101. 29 Aug 2013

Jayex patient kiosks achieve NHS interoperability accreditation
InterSystems has announced that  Jayex Technology has delivered the first self-service patient kiosks to achieve the NHS Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) accreditation. 29 Aug 2013

North Durham hospital installs low dose interventional imaging system
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, has installed a Siemens Artis zee imaging system in University Hospital of North Durham for a range of diagnostic and interventional procedures. 29 August 2013

Labelled gold nanoparticles hold key to targeted stem cell therapy
Researchers at Southampton and Cambridge Universities have developed a technique using gold nanoprobes to identify different types of cells, so that they can target the right ones, such as cancer, in stem cell therapies. 28 Aug 2013

Cisco and Inmarsat collaborate to extend telemedicine worldwide via satellite
Inmarsat has announced a collaboration with Cisco to make Cisco’s telemedicine system, the Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant, available in the world’s most remote communities. 28 Aug 2013

Carbon ion radiotherapy effective for treating inoperable spinal tumours
A new study has shown that carbon ion radiotherapy can control cancer growth and prolong survival in patients with spinal tumours. 21 Aug 2013

Call for action on antimicrobial resistance
International leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, SMEs and the healthcare sector met in May to look at why we are no closer to defusing the antibiotic resistance “ticking-time bomb” than we were a decade ago. 21 Aug 2013

World’s pharmaceutical development and manufacturing base moving to India
The India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) predicts that the Indian pharmaceutical market will progress from the major generics producer to a world centre for development and production of patented products. 20 Aug 2013

Abnormal ageing gene linked to blood cancer
A variant of a gene that helps control ageing in humans by acting as a cell’s internal clock has been linked to blood cancer in a major new study by the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London. 19 Aug 2013

Cook Medical introduces Holmium laser system for urological procedures
Cook Medical has announced that its  H-30 Holmium urology laser system is available in the United States and Europe. 19 Aug 2013

Siemens launches SPECT-CT system for high resolution molecular imaging
Siemens Healthcare's xSPECT system, the Symbia Intevo, combines the high sensitivity of single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) with the high specificity of CT to generate high resolution and, for the first time, quantitative images. 19 Aug 2013

Image guided surgical system treats blood clots in the brain
A new image-guided surgical system under development at Vanderbilt University uses steerable needles to penetrate the brain with minimal damage and suction away blood clots. 19 Aug 2013

Rapid tissue analysis shows stage of bowel cancer for fine tuning treatment
Researchers at Imperial College have measured the stage of a tumour by analysing the chemicals produced by the tumour cells using high-resolution magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. 15 Aug 2013

Tunable Raman laser shines light on new medical applications
The University of Strathclyde has developed a high-performance Raman laser that can produce light beams with more power and a wider range of colours than current Raman lasers. 13 Aug 2013

New molecular probe for real-time PCR monitoring and genetic testing
Eprobe is a fluorescent probe for PCR DNA amplification techniques and DNA analysis developed by researchers from RIKEN and Japanese firm K.K.DNAForm. 13 Aug 2013

Innovative neck support developed for motor neurone disease patients
A collar that comfortably supports the neck of motor neurone disease (MND) patients and makes it easier to carry out common tasks has been developed by a multidisciplinary team from Sheffield. 5 Aug 2013

ASTERICS project develops adaptable assistive technology system
The EC-funded ASTERICS project has developed an assistive technology system with a set of software, controller and actuators that can be adapted to the needs of individual users for controlling devices in the home. 5 Aug 2013

Knee brace helps Danny Cipriani recover from ligament injury
England Premiership rugby player Danny Cipriani is recovering from ligament damage with the help of an innovative knee brace that stabilises the joint and prevents over extension. 5 Aug 2013

Low frequency ultrasound accelerates healing of venous ulcers
Researchers at Drexel University have developed a small electronic patch that delivers low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound to wounds to stimulate healing. 5 Aug 2013

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