Jayex patient kiosks achieve NHS interoperability accreditation

29 August 2013

InterSystems has announced that its UK application partner Jayex Technology Ltd has delivered the first self-service patient kiosks to achieve the NHS Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) accreditation.

The kiosks allow patients to manage their appointments, update their personal information, and provide immediate feedback on the care they receive.

The kiosks use the InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration and development platform, which has ITK capability. This makes them easier and faster to implement for a variety of connectable healthcare applications.

Trusts with applications or business services that support the ITK standard can exchange information with a Jayex kiosk. This gives  benefits for patients and providers, including: greater patient privacy; opportunities for patient engagement with easy feedback mechanisms; reduced patient waiting times during hospital visits; freeing frontline hospital staff to address patients with more complex or urgent issues; and improved quality of patient information and the management reports that use it.

Trusts that do not support the ITK standard can also use the kiosks, as shown by the recent implementations at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and several Health Boards in Scotland. “At Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, East Grinstead, we have found the implementation of the kiosk services advantageous, as we can monitor patient attendance and flow live, without requiring clinical staff to spend significant time on administrative duties and paperwork. We believe this system will help improve the level of service we can provide to our patients, as it is instrumental in our work to understand our clinic flows to design enhanced clinic templates that meet demand and provide a better experience for all,” said Jane Morris, Directorate Manager Clinical Specialities, Queen Victoria Hospital.


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