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Interactions between genome and skin bacteria influence inflammatory skin diseases
A German research group has found that low numbers of some species of skin bacteria are associated with certain inflammatory disorders and that the bacteria are in turn affected by the genetic makeup of the host. 30 Sept 2013

Serious delays in diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS
Most patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis are facing unacceptable delays in diagnosis in Europe, according to research carried out by GE Healthcare. 26 Sept 2013

Novartis Ultibro Breezhaler approved by EC and Japan for treating COPD
Novartis has gained EC and Japanese approval for its Ultibro Breezhaler to treat various symptoms in adult patients with COPD. 26 Sept 2013

Dell incorporates Tobii eye-tracking technology into tablet computer
Tobii Technology has partnered with Dell OEM Solutions to launch the Tobii EyeMobile, an integration of its eye tracking technology onto a tablet platform. 26 Sept 2013

European Parliament could cripple medical innovation in Europe
The European Parliament’s Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) has voted in favour of draft legislation that trade body Eucomed says could cripple the medical technology sector in Europe and delay patients' access to innovative products. 25 Sept 2013

Body's own T cells identified as potential source of universal flu vaccine
A virus-killing immune cell, called CD8 T, is more numerous in the body of people who avoid more serious bouts of flu, according to research at Imperial College London, and could be the source of a new type of vaccine. 23 Sept 2013

Skin cancer tissue rapidly identified during surgery
The University of Nottingham has developed an accurate technique to rapidly identify the margins of cancerous tissue during surgery that combines auto-fluorescence of skin tissue with Raman laser spectroscopy. 23 Sept 2013

EMIS takes over Ascribe for £57.5m
EMIS Group plc, the UK's leading software provider for GP practices, has bought pharmacy systems supplier Ascribe from private equity group ECI. 13 Sept 2013

Virtual monitoring by mobile phone ensures TB patients complete medication
Sending videos by mobile phone is an effective technique to ensure TB patients take their prescribed medication and complete their course of treatment. 13 Sept 2013

Decision-support tool reduces deaths from pneumonia in emergency departments
A trial of an electronic decision support tool that is linked to patients' electronic medical records showed it helped to reduce deaths from pneumonia in emergency departments by up to 25%. 12 Sept 2013

Medical image storage driving exponential growth in vendor neutral archive systems
High growth in medical data storage in vendor-neutral archive (VNA) systems will drive strong demand for VNA solutions over the next five years, according to a report from market analysts IHS. 12 Sept 2013

3D-printed tubular pump provides alternative to heart transplant
A custom-designed tubular pump for implanting into the aortic artery to support a failing heart is being developed by researchers at Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University Hospitals. 11 Sept 2013

Skuldtech secures €1m to develop blood biomarker test for Alzheimer's disease
French biotechnology company Skuldtech has secured €1m in funding from Bpifrance (French public financing structure) to develop a blood biomarker test for Alzheimer's disease. 11 Sept 2013

Raman laser highlights tumour cells in brain tissue during surgery
A new laser-based technology can identify cancerous cells during surgery, enabling surgeons to make sure they remove all the cells that could develop into a new tumour. 10 Sept 2013

Colour-changing dots detect blood-borne bacteria
A team at the University of Illinois has developed a cheap disposable device containing a chemical sensing array (CSA) that can rapidly identify bacteria from the signature chemicals that they give off. 10 Sept 2013

Three new rapid diagnostic tests for drug-resistant TB
Three new diagnostic tests could each be used to successfully diagnose drug resistance in tuberculosis (TB) patients in a quarter of the time taken by the current method, according to new research.
9 Sept 2013

New path for selectively killing cancer cells discovered — sugar metabolism
Cancer cells can be selectively destroyed by inhibiting their sugar metabolism when in an induced inactive state, according to medical researchers in Berlin. 9 Sept 2013

Lung diseases cost EU nations €400bn/yr
A report from the European Respiratory Society (ERS) shows that lung conditions cause 1 in 10 deaths across Europe and cost an estimated €390bn for the 28 EU countries. 9 Sept 2013

Light absorbing particles generate steam in cold water using sunlight
Light absorbing nanoparticles dispersed in water can generate steam from sunlight with remarkable efficiency and without needing to boil the whole container of water (with video). 9 Sept 2013

Collagen can suppress growth of cancer
Collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body, triggers chemical signals that help prevent the growth of cancer, according to a new study by the Institute of Cancer Research, London. 6 Sept 2013

Vienna Prediction Model calculates risk of venous thrombosis
Researchers at the Medical University of Vienna have developed a model to calculate the risk of patients suffering a recurrence of a venous thrombosis using three factors. 6 Sept 2013

PV Nano Cell's copper inks for printed electronics attract $3.5m investment
Israeli company PV Nano Cell Ltd, which develops materials for inkjet printing of conductive patterns in solar cells and printed electronics, has completed a funding round of about $3.5 million. 4 Sept 2013

Smartwatches can analyse quality of sleep
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD have developed software for commercially available smartwatches that can collect data on sleep patterns and detect anomalies. 4 Sept 2013

Spermidine prevents dementia in fruit flies
Feeding fruit flies with the natural cell component spermidine prevents memory impairment, according to research conducted by Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Graz. 1 Sept 2013

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