Dell incorporates Tobii eye-tracking technology into tablet computer

26 September 2013

Tobii Technology has partnered with Dell OEM Solutions to launch the Tobii EyeMobile, an integration of its eye tracking technology onto a tablet platform. Eye tracking will be integrated into the Dell Latitude 10 tablet.

The technology enables people with physical disabilities to easily carry out everyday computing tasks such as accessing the internet, using social media, calling their families, watching movies, checking bus time tables, etc.

Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Assistive Technology comments: “The Tobii EyeMobile is so powerful because it will enable millions of people with physical disabilities to live more independently, engage with others via internet and social media, and even get back to work and attend education programs.

“Providing full 24/7 access to a modern tablet to people with, for example, spinal cord injuries, has the potential to reduce care cost as well as improve their lives. We encourage researchers and care providers to closely evaluate the Tobii EyeMobile as it opens up avenues that were previously not available to this group of people."

Tobii has announced the first consumer device to be launched by the end of 2013 aimed at a broad range of users, including companies that develop adverts, websites or games and want to study and analyse what areas of the graphic their audience focuses on. The same technology also plays a huge role in providing people with physical disabilities the ability to control a computer with their eyes instead of a keyboard or mouse.


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