Novo Nordisk’s NovoPen 5 insulin delivery device approved in China

19 March 2013

 Novo Nordisk’s latest device for insulin delivery, NovoPen 5, has been approved by the Tianjin Food and Drug Administration for launch in China.

NovoPen 5, which was awarded the red dot Best of the Best design award in 2012, has the same design, functionality and insulin delivery system of the NovoPen 4, but has an added memory function to help patients remember when they took their last injection, which is a common situation for many people living with diabetes.

The lead designer, Ramin Nateghi-Elahi, from Novo Nordisk, explained, “The aim of NovoPen 5 is to heighten the safety of insulin treatment by integrating a memory function into the injection pen that reminds the patient whether a dose has been taken or not. This helps the patient to avoid missing an injection leading to uncontrolled blood sugar levels or overdosing insulin, which may have severe consequences.”

The NovoPen 5 is currently available for patients in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland and will be launched in China in the coming months.


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