MTB Europe launches new Marcomms Service for medical technology vendors

11 March 2013

In response to a huge rise in requests and having established a clear market need, MTB Europe has launched a range of marketing and communications services for vendors and suppliers in the medical technology sector. These are in addition to the existing key portal and regular newsletters.

These new marcomms services will help enable medical technology companies and organisations of all sizes to fulfill one of the most important business needs: communicating their message and product information to potential buyers in healthcare oranisations, commercial partners, academia, investors and the public.

The wide range of services required for communicating in the modern business and technology environment range from a press release written and prepared for distribution, distribution of press releases online and direct to relevant media, content creation for a website or brochure, to management of social media networks.

The combination of traditional, digital and social networking services will help ensure the outreach of companies' and organisations' messages and engagement with their target audiences.

Further information

A sample menu of services and pricing is available at:

Please contact the MTB Europe Marcomms team to discuss your objectives and marketing requirements:

Sergei Sollo: +44 (0)7836 261128 and/or
Harry Wood: +44 (0)1252 691590


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