Bayer HealthCare launches CT contrast dose management platform

19 March 2013

Bayer HealthCare’s Radiology and Interventional division has introduced the Certegra Infomatics software platform which gives contrast delivery management through a touch-screen hub. This is managed through a suite of CT Contrast Dose Management tools and a new personalised patient protocol (P3T 2.0) operating environment.

Certegra Workstation serves as a unified interface for radiographers, driving standardisation and improving patient care from study set-up and preparation to administration of the patient’s study. It will be the cornerstone of Bayer’s industry-first Contrast Dose Management informatics software platform. In establishing and uploading the patient’s contrast-injection record, the platform imports patient’s historic data directly from the Modality Work List, reducing manual entry errors to the patient record.

“Today’s technology-driven CT departments demand timely access to reliable contrast-dose records throughout the chain of care,” said Nicole Farmer, Head of Bayer HealthCare’s Radiology and Interventional division in the UK. She added: “The Certegra platform offers a single user interface which is designed specifically to impact patient outcomes through allowing streamlining in contrast delivery, reduced manual entry, increased control over quality and consistency of patient care. Further, it captures the patient experience, delivering information to the appropriate decision maker.”


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