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Fujitsu Services stores 100 millionth patient image in UK data centre
Fujitsu Services has recorded the milestone at its southern England data centre which was set up under the NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT). 19 Dec 2006

Software to help computer users avoid RSI
Desk Doctor is a new program that runs in the background on a computer and prompts the user to do preventative exercise when needed. 19 Dec 2006

Medical diagnostic tool for handheld devices and the web
18 December 2006

Philips launches RFID asset-tracking solution for hospitals
RFID tags can be attached to most moveable assets such as beds, monitors, wheelchairs and other portable devices. The location of each item can be tracked automatically, allowing better management and theft prevention. 14 Dec 2006

New online search tool to explore genes in medical literature
The iHOP service provides up-to-date summary information on more than 80,000 biological molecules by automatically extracting key sentences from millions of documents in academic journals. 14 Dec 2006

Agfa launches second phase of hospital digitization in central Tuscany
Agfa HealthCare has launched the second phase of the Tuscan Medical Technology (TMT) hospital digitization project, in which it will install its integrated radiology information system (RIS) in 12 hospitals of the central health region of Tuscany. 12 Dec 2006

The Dräger Medical  Infinity TeleSmart patient monitorDräger introduces patient-worn monitor with wireless telemetry
The Infinity TeleSmart from Dräger Medical provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in a patient-worn telemetry device. 6 Dec 2006

Phone-based care programme reduces mortality in chronically ill older adults.
Chronically ill older adults who were regularly phoned by care workers had significantly reduced mortality risk, according to a new study. 5 Dec 2006

Nikon launches NIS Elements v2.3 for microscope image capture and analysis. 30 Nov 2006

Doctor consulting a nurse via the robotRoaming robots give doctors remote access to hospital patients 24/7
The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas has two robots that can be controlled remotely by a doctor to navigate wards and communicate with patients and staff on wards where rapid access to expert advice is critical. 29 November 2006

Philips' online medical Learning Center clocks 100,000 participants
The Learning Center offers more than 200 self-directed courses, covering a range of clinical, departmental and industry topics, for radiological technologists, sonographers, nurses and other allied health professionals. 28 Nov 2006

RFID tags tested in tracking medicines in supply chain
Cardinal Health, Inc., has completed a real-world pilot test of RFID tags for automatic tracking of medicines in the packaging and distribution chain. The technology has the potential to improve the safety and efficiency of pharmaceutical supply chains. 28 Nov 2006

NHS Scotland awards £300 million IT services contract to Atos Origin Alliance. 21 Nov 2006

Mirapoint wins contract to secure messaging services for UK health service. 21 Nov 2006

Specialist medical software supplier EndoSoft opens UK office
21 Nov 2006

Videoconferencing enables neurology service to cover Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Teleneurological Service has found that videoconferencing eliminates time wasted in travelling to patients while still allowing patients in remote areas to receive high levels of diagnosis, monitoring and care. 21 Nov 2006

Schleswig-Holstein Medical Centre rolls out Picis critical care software. 20 Nov 2006

Boston Scientific's remote monitoring system first to integrate to GE's electronic records
Boston Scientific's Latitude Patient Management is the first remote patient monitoring system to provide clinicians with direct device data integration capability into GE's Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR). 16 Nov 2006

Software to predict risk of breast cancer returning after treatment
Doctors have created a computer tool to predict the risk of breast cancer returning in the same breast in women who have had breast conserving surgery. 14 Nov 2006

Home telehealth: the future of home care
The combination of increased healthcare spending, provider shortages and an aging population has put homecare at a crossroads, where change has become a rapid necessity. That change is evident with the creation of a virtual model of care known as home telehealth, which delivers state of the art hospital care in the home without interrupting the routine of everyday life, widely known today as connected health. It uses available consumer technologies to enable such services as remote monitoring, activity monitoring, and the delivery of disease management and wellness programs. 13 November 2006

Medical imaging display panel from Siemens
Siemens has introduced a 3-megapixel flat panel display with especially high brightness and contrast. 9 Nov 2006

The economic benefits of information technology in healthcare
An EU project has demonstrated that information technology can provide enormous benefits if the technology is properly implemented. The eHealth Impact project developed a methodology for assessing the economic impact of ehealth solutions and then evaluated the economic benefits of introducing new technology in healthcare in ten flagship projects. The project demonstrated that the benefits were twice the cost of implementing the technology. 7 November 2006

Coronary plaque characterization software from Toshiba and Vital Images
The new software features include improved integration, colour coding of vessel walls, noncalcified and calcified plaque, and improved visualization of lesion boundaries and plaque types with automated measurement and quantification tools. 31 October 2006

Software to perform MRI scans online by remote control
Software that enables an off-site medical imaging expert to operate a magnetic resonance imaging machine by remote control has been developed jointly by UCLA radiologists and Siemens Medical Solutions. 31 October 2006

Integrating patient-care devices with information technology
ECRI, a nonprofit health services research agency  will present an audio conference on November 15, 2006 to provide guidance on navigating some of the stumbling blocks associated with the convergence of medical devices and information systems. 19 October 2006

EnBW acquires interest in ehealth specialist ICW
German company Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has acquired a minority interest in ehealth specialist InterComponentWare AG. The investment will enable development of networking solutions and increase its international presence. 12 Oct 2006

The Leica DMD108 histopathology system

Leica microsystems launches networked imaging solution for histopathologists
The Leica DMD108 offers an innovative solution for histopathologists that increases physical comfort, significantly speeds daily workflow without changing processes, and provides an easy-to-use network solution for sharing data. 9 Oct 2006

Online learning threatens live CME events
Electronic continuing medical education (eCME) is increasingly taking over live events, but a new study by Cutting Edge Information shows that pharmaceutical companies are only slowly changing. 5 Oct 2006

Belgian disaster victim tracking and tracing system demonstrated at University Hospital Antwerp
The new system, called BeViTTS (Belgian Victim Tracking and Tracing System), simplifies the registration and identification of casualties affected in a disaster situation and allows for the rapid exchange and automatic processing of data collected by emergency workers at the scene.  4 Oct 2006

Biotronik's new Lumax ICD with telemonitoring of heart and device
Biotronik’s new Lumax implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) contains not only a defibrillator that can deliver life-saving electric shocks to the heart, but also integrates a technology that monitors the functions of both the heart and the device itself. 3 Oct 2006

Healthcare IT systems need more intelligence to cope with medical device data
Healthcare providers will need more intelligence in their core IT systems to cope with the data received from the increasing number of wireless diagnostic and monitoring devices, according to a report published by Wireless Healthcare. 2 Oct 2006

iSOFT software reduces unnecessary pathology tests
A new software application from iSOFT has the potential to save UK hospitals around £100,000 a year by preventing unnecessary blood tests. 2 Oct 2006

Digitisation of hospitals driving demand for medical imaging displays and cheaper alternatives
The market for medical imaging displays is experiencing a dynamic shift. Digitisation initiatives are creating opportunities and challenges across Europe, as data and image sharing across hospital departments and regions becomes an established driver of efficiency. Some hospitals, however, are seeking to save costs by using non-medical grade displays, which poses a significant threat to the business of suppliers. 27 Sept 2006

Cardiac Science launches software to connect devices to medical records
Cardiac Science Corporation has launched HeartCentrix, a software solution that enables its diagnostic stress, Holter and electrocardiography devices to communicate seamlessly with electronic medical record (EMR) systems. 26 Sept 2006

Data storage solution saves terabytes for West Yorkshire NHS IT services
Wakefield Health Informatics Service data storage solution is expected to save 40% over three years, reduce unnecessary data storage by 4TB and significantly cut backup and restore times. 26 Sept 2006

High definition videoconferencing for remote neurosurgery training
High definition videoconferencing systems have been used in a ground-breaking way to deliver a trainee surgeons’ workshop based on a live operation at the autumn conference of The Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SNBS). 22 Sept 2006

Upgrade for NHS online appointment-booking system.
Atos Origin has confirmed the successful rollout of the latest upgrade to Choose and Book, an online hospital-appointment booking system for the NHS in England. 15 Sept 2006

Telemedicine project improving health in rural Cambodia
To leverage a growing Internet infrastructure for health purposes within rural Cambodia, an email-based medical consultation program called Operation Village Health was established by Partners Telemedicine. Harvard-affiliated physicians have been providing clinical recommendations to Cambodian health workers caring for patients at rural  health centres. Approximately 700 telemedicine-supported patient encounters have been completed. Operation Village Health is the 2006 winner of the international Stockholm Challenge in the category of Health. 11 Sept 2006

Computer display on glasses helps to overcome tunnel vision
A device that combines a tiny camera, pocket-sized computer and transparent computer display on a pair of glasses, may offer the most effective assistance for tunnel vision, according to Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute in the USA. 11 Sept 2006

SUSE Linux software selected by Siemens for advanced MRI Technology
Siemens Medical Solutions has selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time operating system and NightStar application development tools to improve processing performance of their ultra-high-field MAGNETOM magnetic resolution imaging (MRI) products. 30 August 2006

Item-level RFID tagging set for 100-fold growth in decade
Feature: A new study forecasts the market for item-level RFID tags to rise from US$0.16 billion in 2006 to US$13 billion in 2016 involving up to 550 billion items ranging from OTC drugs to blood bags, cigarette packets and books. 28 August 2006

Merge eMed releases Spanish version of eFilm workstation
The Spanish version of the software replicates eFilm Workstation 2.1, released in October 2005. This version included several new features. 25 August 2006 Español

Over-the-counter medicine sales give early warning of pandemics, bioterrorism
Bracken Foster & Associates, LLC has been granted a US patent for its solution that enables retailers to monitor sales of medicines that could be related to self-treatment of early symptoms of pandemics and bioterrorism and maintain commercial confidentiality. 25 August 2006

Tunstall awarded funding to develop advanced telecare solutions for the home
Tunstall has been awarded £615,000 from Yorkshire Forward to develop 'lifestyle reassurance' technology that monitors a patient's activities in the home and helps deliver highly personalised care services to older and vulnerable people. 23 August 2006

RFID tags streamline Mississippi blood delivery
Mississippi Blood Services has completed a trial using a specially tuned radio frequency identification (RFID) system to process and track blood bags. The automated system saved hours in delivery times. 23 August 2006

Personal record system for emergencies on USB memory drive
The ICER-2-GO is a record system for vital medical and personal information stored on a USB memory stick. When it is plugged into a computer's USB port it gives first responders instant access to emergency medical information. 17 August 2006

Kaiser Permanente expands online access to medical records in Georgia
US healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente has expanded its provision of electronic medical records (EMR) in Georgia. Patients can now access portions of their medical records online, email their doctor, view lab test results and view or cancel future appointments. 17 August 2006

Philips' new tumour mapping software paves way for adaptive radiation therapy
Royal Philips Electronics has released new software that reduces the time it takes to contour tumours and anatomical structures. This is a crucial aid in adapting image-guided radiation therapy to patients' treatment plans based on their response to daily treatment. 17 August 2006

First healthcare day for open source software at LinuxWorld
The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) will host the first ever Healthcare Day at LinuxWorld San Francisco on August 15, 2006. The event is in response to the growing role of open source software in the healthcare industry. 9 August 2006

AP-HP hospitals order Symbol mobile devices for bedside food ordering
Symbol Technologies and Solutys will supply a mobile solution to manage the order entry of patient's meal trays 40 of France's AP-HP group of hospitals. 9 August 2006 Deutsch Francais Espanol

First electronic record products certified for use in USA
The first round of ambulatory electronic healthcare record products (EHRs) have been certified by the US Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT). This removes a significant barrier to widespread adoption of electronic health records in the USA. 25 July 2006

Bluetooth biosensing wristwatch monitors heart rate, activity and emotions
Exmovere LLC, has launched a Bluetooth-enabled biosensor wristwatch service in the USA for monitoring the elderly to aid in their care. The Exmocare wristwatch monitors pulse, heart rate variability, skin conductance and level of activity. 25 July 2006

Poole Hospital installs E.Novation's radiology information browser
Poole Hospital NHS Trust in England has become the fifth UK client for E.Novation's radiology information system viewer. The new viewer can display legacy radiology information using a web browser. 25 July 2006

Microchip in brain enables thoughts to control computer
A study on people with severe paralysis has found that signals in the area of the brain responsible for voluntary movement can be picked up by a microchip embedded in the brain, transmitted to a computer and converted into simple actions.  21 July 2006

Agfa to integrate radiology and PACS in 15 Norwegian hospitals
The Western Norway Regional Health Authority, Helse Vest, has selected Agfa HealthCare, along with partner eCare, to integrate patient radiology information from 15 private and public hospitals in the region. 19 July 2006

Sony designs cutting-edge audiovisual solution for Dundee dental education centre
The Postgraduate Education Centre at Dundee Dental Hospital and School will have a state-of-the-art audiovisual system designed and supplied by Sony Professional Services. Live demonstrations can be transmitted direct to the lecture theatre or even overseas, enabling remote learning. 19 July 2006

New training tool for interventional cardiologists
TeachFFR.com is a web-based teaching tool that consists of narrated, interactive case studies demonstrating the proper use of fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurement techniques, which physicians use during interventions to assess lesion severity. 17 July 2006

Satellite imagery shows effects of changes in land use on human health
Analysis of satellite images of the earth can show how land use and land cover changes caused by human population growth and migration, and climate change affect human health and food security. 14 July 2006

Gemalto to supply healthcare smartcard system for in Algeria
Gemalto will be the sole provider for the first healthcare microprocessor cards in Algeria. Totalling 7 million cards, the main rollout will be in 2007. 12 July 2006

Microchip miniaturisation barrier could be broken by nanotechnology
The University of Bath is to lead an international project that could remove the electrical wiring in microchips, allowing denser circuitry, and result in computers with 500 times the power of present day technology. 10 July 2006

Varian oncology software benchmarked by UK Health Service
Varian Medical Systems’ medical oncology software for integrated chemotherapy e-prescribing and pharmacy dispensing has performed strongly in a benchmark test against a national specification by the UK’s National Health Service. 10 July 2006

Securing access to patient records in times of disaster — learning from Katrina
Creating health information systems based on simple open standards and allowing healthcare workers other than doctors to access health records, are two of the key recommendations in a report on health care lessons learnt from Hurricane Katrina published by the  Markle Foundation. 27 June 2007

Smartcards enable multi-nation healthcare in Germany during 2006 World Cup
Smart cards carrying health data are enabling visitors to Germany gain rapid access to healthcare during the World Cup. Smartcard readers rolled out to hospitals allow German medical staff to read data from new European health cards as well as the national health cards of various countries. 26 June 2006

NASA satellite imaging technology used in fight against diabetes
Technology that identifies landforms, geology and vegetation types from satellite images of the earth's surface has been used to help identify insulin-related structures in electron microscope images of the pancreas. 26 June 2006

Growth potential for cardiology PACS  in Europe
End-user willingness to purchase digital cardiology picture archiving and communications systems is forecast to increase the market from US$73.6 million in 2005 to US$200.5 million in 2012. 21 June 2006

Stockholm Challenge award for project linking Cambodian health workers with Harvard Medical School
Operation Village Health, an Internet-based health consultation program won top honours at the Stockholm Challenge, a global initiative recognizing the benefits of information technology to communities around the world. 13 June 2006

Thousands of computers linked to unravel genetic diseases
Software developed by researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology can link thousands of computers to process gene-mapping data tens of times faster than previous programs. 9 June 2006

Successful medical device companies use CRM and KM
A new strategy review from HBS Consulting concludes that poor information and cumbersome processes can seriously hamper the sales and service operations of medical device companies. Success is achieved by effective use of customer relationship and knowledge management systems. 7 June 2006

French hospital association selects Cedara Software's EPR system
GIP CPAGE, a French public hospital association, has selected Cedara Software as its exclusive electronic patient record (EPR) partner to enable it to provide a complete administrative and clinical hospital information solution. 7 June 2006

Overview of technology for healthcare in the home
Home Telehealth: Connecting Care within the Community is a new publication that reviews medical treatments that can take place in the home thanks to telemedicine technology, including disease management and wellness programs, home monitoring capabilities and connecting patients and clinicians with consumer electronics. 23 May 2006

Gemplus to supply 3.7m healthcare smartcards in Mexico
The smartcards will be part of a new country-wide e-healthcare program aimed at securely storing patient information, ensuring citizens get the correct healthcare benefits and reducing paper-based administration. 22 May 2006 Francais

The Beta Sensatex SmartShirt makes it possible to remotely monitor a wearer's movement, heart rate, and respiration rate in real-time. (PRNewsFoto/ Sensatex, Inc.)SmartShirt for remotely monitoring human vital signs
The SmartShirt from Sensatex  can remotely monitor a wearer's movement, heart rate, and respiration rate in real-time through a patented nanotechnology conductive fibre grid that is seamlessly knit into the material of the fully washable shirt. 18 May 2006

Water key to millions of gigabytes of memory in a cubic centimetre
A computing principle popular in the 1960s, ferroelectricity, combined with the novel technique of insulation with water molecules, could provide computer memory of 12.8 million gigabytes in a cubic centimeter. 12 May 2006

Philips adds EDDA Technology's chest analysis software to radiography portfolio
Royal Philips Electronics has licensed EDDA Technology's IQQA-Chest software to help clinicians identify, quantify, evaluate and report pulmonary nodules. It will be available as part of the Philips digital radiography portfolio. 8 May 2006

invivodata introduces wireless electronic diary for patient reporting in clinical trials
invivodata has added the Enfora Wireless Portfolio to its line of global ePRO solutions for capturing critical PRO data across global clinical trials. 6 May 2006

Rostering software forecast to save Bedford Hospitals £500,000
Bedford Hospital NHS Trust has ordered Manpower Software’s MAPS Healthroster ward-rostering software to replace its paper-based rostering system. It is expected to reduce the temporary spend on both bank and agency staff, to improve establishment control and objectively measure and manage its nursing workforce. 4 May 2006

Mercury Computer Systems introduces integrated 3D PACS
Mercury has integrated its web-based Visage PACS software with the Visage CS thin client/server 3D visualization system, enabling users to seamlessly utilize the 3D functionality of Visage CS within the workflow of Visage PACS, throughout the hospital enterprise. 4 May 2006

Visualizer for heart surgery training
The visualizer enables a consultant to demonstrate, describe and discuss surgical procedures with a student audience and ensures the heart is perfectly illuminated so that students can see all the heart detail on screen. 3 May 2006

Siemens syngo BEAT softwareSiemens introduces cardiology software for MRT scans
Siemens new software, syngo BEAT, reduces MR examinations of the heart to a few mouse clicks — even for patients suffering from arrhythmia. It enables faster and more accurate diagnostics and increases efficiency in cardiology. 25 April 2006

US Army deploys digital medical records in Afghanistan
The US Army's 14th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) has begun using its Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) systems, marking the first time deployed medical forces in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) will have digital medical recording technology at their fingertips. 19 April 2006

Belfast Hospital pioneers care in the home for young heart patients
The Paediatric Cardiology Department in Belfast Children's Hospital has been piloting the use of videoconferencing to provide care-in-the-home for babies and very small children recovering from heart surgery. The benefits have been much larger than expected. 5 April 2006

First UK installation of Draeger Infinity shared network and ECG management system
Draeger Medical UK Limited has installed the first Infinity OneNet shared network and Infinity MegaCare ECG management solution in the UK at Southend Hospital, Essex. The system lets hospitals run wired and wireless patient monitoring systems on the hospital's existing network infrastructure. 27 March 2006

Central control system for operating rooms
The CONDOR Control System for operating rooms is a surgical command centre that puts medical staff in control of the devices, patient information and even the lighting and temperature of the operating room. 17 March 2006

The 6th Nordic Conference on eHealth and Telemedicine — call for abstracts
NCeHT2006 will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on August 31 and September 1, 2006.  The deadline for abstracts is March 31 2006. 17 March 2006

GOLLUM unifies wireless technologies for mobile devices
An EC-funded project has developed a programming interface to unify the different methods used to access the many wireless and wired technologies currently in use. It should reduce the development time and cost of mobile multimedia platforms, and improve their functionality and interoperability. 15 March 2006

NEC develops smallest fibre-optic electric field probe using nanotechnology
NEC Corporation has developed what it claims is the smallest fibre-optic electric field probe, enabled through the adoption of a nanotechnology process. The probe is used to evaluate electrical characteristics of high-density electronic circuits. 27 February 2006

New website to help fight meningitis worldwide
The Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (COMO) has launched a new website with toolkits, case studies, organisation profiles and personal experiences, to help in the fight against meningitis. 27 February 2006

US military electronic healthcare record to be deployed by December 2006
AHLTA, the US military's electronic health record (EHR) is the next- generation system that has global reach and is unrivaled in its complexity and capabilities. When fully deployed by December 2006, it will allow beneficiary health records to be accessed worldwide at any military treatment facility. 21 February 2006

Sony launches high-end medical monitor
Sony has introduced its latest medical-grade LCD monitor, the LMD-1950MD. It has a high quality picture with accurate colour reproduction and high resolution. 16 February 2006

Salford Hospital installs NPfIT-compatible reporting system
Salford Royal Hospital NHS Trust has adopted the new management reporting system, HealthData Manager, from System C. It is designed to work both with the current system and the PAS from the NHS National Programme for IT. 7 February 2006

German government initiatives to boost use of IT in healthcare
Expenditure on healthcare IT in Germany represents a paltry 0.5% of total healthcare outlays — an extremely low proportion compared to other developed countries. However, the pursuit of a more integrated healthcare IT policy, government initiatives and new reimbursement structures are set to boost demand for healthcare IT in Germany. 5 February 2006

New mammography software from VIDAR
VIDAR Systems Corporation has released Clinical Express 3.0 software for mammography. Used with the VIDAR Film Digitizer, it allows exisitng film mammograms to be digitized and reviewed alongside new digital mammograms. 5 February 2006

United BioSource targets elearning for medical technology sector
United BioSource Corporation has acquired iLearn, a UK-developed advanced learning management system that offers essential compliance, reporting and regulatory tools for heavily regulated industries. 31 January 2006

European doctors embracing Internet technology and mobile devices
A survey of European doctors has found over 80% use the Internet and electronic records, and two thirds use handheld mobile devices. 30 January 2006

European e-health initiatives boost virtual private networks
The European healthcare segment offers exciting growth potential for information and communication technologies (ICT) service providers and equipment vendors. Uptake will particularly impact areas such as patient data, security, telemedicine technologies and hospital administration. 15 January 2006

Broadband for elderly and disabled could generate billions for economy and cut care costs
A report by the US New Millennium Research Council shows that accelerated broadband deployment to older Americans and people with disabilities could deliver hundreds of billions of dollars to the economy in potential health care savings and other major benefits. 21 December 2005

Patient wristband with RFID chip wins award
New York's Jacobi Medical Center and Siemens Business Services have received recognition for their patient wristband system in the US "Chime Collaboration Competition". 14 December 2005

Disaster recovery for medical images
i3ARCHIVE, Inc. has extended the capabilities of its GRID-based medical imaging architecture known as the National Digital Medical Archive for business continuity and disaster recovery for picture archive and communications systems (PACS). 13 December 2005

Chinese breast cancer program selects iCAD computer-aided detection system. 12 December 2005

England's cancer research network chooses data-management system for clinical trials
The National Cancer Research Network (NCRN) has selected Medidata Solutions' Rave software to manage data for initially eight and up to 250 clinical trials. 12 December 2005

Digital tool for planning orthopaedic surgery from medical images
Imagecast PACS for Orthopedics is a digital solution from IDX that offers orthopaedic surgeons software-based tools for orthopaedic image review, analysis and preoperative planning. 10 December 2005

Siemens Medical Solutions to distribute Nucletron oncology system worldwide
Dutch company Nucletron BV and Siemens Medical Solutions have announced a worldwide distribution agreement for Nucletron's  Oncentra MasterPlan. 30 November 2005

Terason launches t3000 laptop-based ultrasound system
It is based upon proprietary Teratech Architecture and runs as a Windows application on a standard laptop computer.

AMICAS showcases web-based zero-install PACS for Blackberry
AMICAS debuted at RSNA2005 its new Vision Reach software system that integrates radiology reports with images (from PACS) to  create a single "multi-media" report that can be emailed to any Blackberry-type device. 29 November 2005

Instar to introduce radiology information system at RSNA 2005
InStar Systems International will introduce its next-generation radiology information system, RIS NET, the Radiological Society of North America's annual congress. 24 November 2005

Siemens and Dräger Medical extend partnership for hospital systems
Siemens will provide expertise in wireless network planning and customer service. Dräger Medical will provide patient monitoring and clinical applications for the acute point of care. 24 November 2005

Web-enabled cardiology system from Cardiac Science
Cardiac Science Corporation has launched a web version of its Pyramis cardiology data management system.  Authorised users will be able to access cardiology data with full privileges fro anywhere. It will also allow further integration with the  Cerner Millennium hospital information system. 2 October 2005

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