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Gemplus to supply 3.7m healthcare smartcards in Mexico

22 May  2006

Luxembourg. Gemplus International S.A. (Euronext: LU0121706294 - GEM and NASDAQ: GEMP), will deliver 3.7 million healthcare smartcards to Seguro Popular, one of the Mexican government's social security organizations The smartcards will be part of a new country-wide e-healthcare program aimed at securely storing patient information, ensuring citizens get the correct healthcare benefits and reducing paper-based administration.

The new social security cards will be distributed to those covered by the Seguro Popular healthcare scheme. Each family in the program will be given a card for use by the whole household. When the cardholders visit their doctor, important patient information can be securely accessed and additional medical information can be added in real time. Seguro Popular benefits from fewer administration costs while reducing the possibility of benefit fraud.

The order came from Image Technology Mexico, the project integrator who developed the overall e-healthcare solution for Seguro Popular. "Secure cards provide benefits for patients, healthcare professionals and us at Seguro Popular by reducing costs, securing private data and providing our citizens with their healthcare rights", said Actuario (Actuary) Juan Antonio Fernandez Ortiz, Comisionado Nacional (National Commissioner) of Seguro Popular.

The cards, based on Gemplus MPCOS technology, were first deployed in Q1 2006 and contain an e-purse, patient information and prescriptions. The information can only be read by authorized healthcare professionals once they are inserted into a reader (also supplied by Gemplus). This ensures privacy of confidential data and better control over healthcare payment and subsidies.

"Gemplus has a long established presence in Mexico", stated Michel Canitrot, President Gemplus Latin America. "Local card production and personalization services linked with a strong partnership with Image Technology Mexico ensured a smooth integration into Seguro Popular's ground-breaking healthcare program".

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