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New mammography software from VIDAR

5 February 2006

Herndon, Va, USA. VIDAR Systems Corporation has released Clinical Express 3.0 software for mammography. Used with the VIDAR CAD PRO Advantage Film Digitizer, it allows prior film-based studies to be digitized and then reviewed alongside new studies on digital mammography workstations.

The digitizer features patented technological innovations that deliver superior image quality, exceptional consistency and repeatability, and increased speed. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University supports the use of digitizing prior mammography studies for reference and review. According to the study, there were few differences in the ability of radiologists to read mammography films digitized by the CAD PRO Advantage compared with hard-copy originals. The study has been finalized and submitted for Peer Review.

Brian Beardslee, vice president of VIDAR's Medical Business, said the CAD PRO Advantage and Clinical Express 3.0 will play a key role in busy radiology departments as adoption of digital mammography rapidly increases, especially in light of a recent Digital Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (DMIST) that found that digital mammography is more sensitive for some women.

According to the Johns Hopkins study, 120 mammography examinations were selected from the hospital's Radiology Department film library representing a range of patients who had screening or diagnostic procedures. Eight radiologists interpreted all 120 examinations, half as originals and half as digital images on a workstation. Receiver operator characteristic analysis was performed, with the results showing that there was no statistically significant difference between film and soft copy interpretations.

VIDAR Systems Corporation, is the world leader in medical film digitizers worldwide, with more than 12,000 units installed. Its  digitizers are used by Agfa HealthCare, FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, GE Medical Systems, Kodak Health Imaging, PACSGEAR, Philips Medical Systems, R2 Technology, RIT, Scanditronix-Wellhofer, Siemens Medical Solutions, and Varian Medical Systems. VIDAR is a member of the Contex Holdings A/S group of companies based in Allerod, Denmark.

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