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AMICAS showcases web-based zero-install PACS for Blackberry

29 November 2005

Chicago, USA. AMICAS, Inc. debuted its new Vision Reach software system that integrates radiology reports with images (from PACS) to  create a single "multi-media" report that can be emailed to any Blackberry-type device.

Vision Reach is on show at the Radiological Society of North America annual meeting, November 27 - December 2, 2005.

The Vision Reach system, built on the acclaimed Vision Series PACS platform is designed to eliminate the challenge of radiology information delivery. "While PACS adoption has been tremendous, technological barriers such as system downloads, plug-ins and challenging security issues have hampered the widespread adoption of PACS by referring physicians," said Peter McClennen, president of AMICAS, Inc. "Our research indicates that a PACS is generally used by less than ten percent of a facility's referring physicians. When access is desired, HIPAA and challenging technology and security issues have created significant barriers to adoption. Referring physicians do not sit at desks with high-end computers, they are highly mobile, working at numerous facilities without widespread PC access," Mr. McClennen added.

The AMICAS research and development team has created Vision Reach highlighted by a zero install client-free Web-based application. "By eliminating installation and any client level application requirement, we are able to reach a tremendously wide range of referring physicians with this exciting new product," said Kang Wang, PhD, vice president of R&D at AMICAS, Inc.

Using the latest Web-based technologies, Vision Reach integrates the radiology report (from a RIS or reporting system) with key images (from PACS) and creates a single "multi-media" report. Included within Vision Reach is a sophisticated instant messaging system that uses common e-mail and secure messaging to deliver images, reports and information to any e-mail enabled device."

"Our goal with Vision Reach was to create instant, simple and ubiquitous access to the right information at the right time," added Dr. Wang. With the Vision Reach system, physicians' define a messaging and alerting profile and a message destination address. When results and images are available, an instant e-mail is sent to the account of their choice. "Full radiology reports and images are available on any Blackberry type device with Vision Reach.
With Vision Reach, the information is pushed right to them, therefore the user does not have to log-on to multiple systems searching for the needed information- it is delivered directly to them proactively. Vision Reach makes a complex problem very easy."

Vision Reach also includes a sophisticated, client free, referring
physician portal that supports physician group practices and "on call"
schedules for referring physicians. The portal is report centric and provides a complete visual record of the patients' history, reports and images. With a single click, physicians can also launch the Vision Series PACS Web-based workstation complete with 3D tools and advanced capabilities. Vision Reach utilizes the latest technologies in security standards and provides for full HIPAA compliance. The system can stand alone, run alongside or fully integrate with electronic medical record systems.

Vision Reach will be on display during RSNA and is targeted for general
availability in the first half of 2006.

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