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Overview of technology for healthcare in the home

24 May 2006

A new publication titled Home Telehealth: Connecting Care within the Community was released at the American Telemedicine Association's 11th Annual International Meeting in San Diego. The book is edited by Dr. Joseph Kvedar, founder of Partners Telemedicine and past president of the American Telemedicine Association,  and published by RSM Press, Royal Society of Medicine, London, England.

Home Telehealth provides a comprehensive review of the medical treatments that can now take place in the home thanks to advances in telemedicine technology, including disease management and wellness programs, home monitoring capabilities and the use of consumer electronics to connect patients and clinicians. This book also provides a practical guide to setting up a home care facility and remote interactions between patients and healthcare providers.

"Telehealth is already having a profound impact on our healthcare system worldwide, and helping to improve quality patient care, through the novel application of available technologies," said Joseph C. Kvedar, M.D., joint editor of Home Telehealth, founder and director, Partners Telemedicine, and Vice Chair, Dermatology, Harvard Medical School. "In the near future, telehealth will be an integrated standard of care, improving treatment outcomes and patients' quality of life, while providing cost-effective solutions and efficiencies in the delivery of personalized, expert healthcare."

The book, the newest addition to the RSM Press telemedicine series, covers the latest developments in telemedicine in the home, including contributions from leading clinicians from around the world. Content includes information on "smart homes", wound management programs, telediabetes, home dialysis, telecardiology, remote asthma monitoring and future trends in e-health and home based patient management, as well as cost-effectiveness and outcomes findings.

"Home Telehealth is an important first publication to illustrate the value, novel applications and future trends in telehealth programs," Kvedar added.

Home Telehealth was edited by Richard Wootton, Centre for Online Health, Queensland, Australia; and Susan L. Dimmick, adjunct associate professor, University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, Memphis and Joseph C. Kvedar, M.D., founder and director, Partners Telemedicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston.

You can view extracts from the book on the Connected Health Initiative website: view extracts >>

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