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Siemens Medical Solutions to distribute Nucletron oncology system worldwide

30 November 2005

Veenendaal, The Netherlands. Dutch company Nucletron BV and Siemens Medical Solutions have announced a worldwide distribution agreement for Nucletron's  Oncentra MasterPlan.

Oncentra MasterPlan is part of Nucletron's family of Oncentra software solutions for oncology. It consists of four modules: Oncentra Anatomy uses best-in-class tools for sophisticated contouring, segmentation and multi-modality image registration and fusion. Oncentra Virtual Simulation provides high-quality image manipulation and advanced contouring tools, easy beam set-up and real-time generated DRRs. Oncentra Optimizer gives users rapid optimization through an extremely advanced algorithm. Oncentra Evaluation allows interactive dose shaping for 3D plan evaluation and generates Dose Volume Histograms.

This agreement will provide Siemens customers with access to the most advanced treatment planning solution in the market today, directly through Siemens sales organisation.

"We are very excited about being able to offer the Oncentra MasterPlan software to a larger customer base, through our distribution agreement with Siemens OCS," states David Imperiali, Managing Director of Nucletron BV. "A key element of our strategy is to develop software solutions which are clinically relevant regardless of the hospital's choice of equipment; we are delighted to have the endorsement of one of the leading equipment providers".

Ajit Singh, President of Siemens Oncology Care Systems, states "Oncentra MasterPlan is one of the most advanced treatment-planning system on the market today. A suite of individual treatment-planning modules for external-beam radiotherapy, Oncentra MasterPlan has been designed with DICOM integration, connectivity and flexibility in mind. Oncentra MasterPlan is available in all countries worldwide, and Siemens will distribute MasterPlan on a non-exclusive basis".

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