Salford Hospital installs NPfIT-compatible reporting systems

7 February 2006

Salford Royal Hospital NHS Trust has adopted the new management reporting system, HealthData Manager, from System C Healthcare plc. The reporting system is designed to work both with the current system at the hospital and the patient administration system from the NHS National Programme for IT when it is installed.

Launched early in 2005, HealthData Manager has been preconfigured for NHS information requirements and can take data feeds from core systems such as PAS as well as third-party systems. It can be used by any NHS Trust as an effective cross-system reporting solution. Running on the BusinessObjects platform, it is easy to navigate, manage and to use.

The product is already being used by several trusts that have installed new PAS systems under the National Programme for IT (NPfIT). A more recent trend is the sale of the reporting tool to trusts that have yet to start their PAS implementation projects. The main benefit of early adoption of HealthData Manager is that staff can be trained to use the system and create all the necessary reports well in advance of the go-live of the "mission-critical" PAS system. This reduces the risk of any problems with performance-related reports such as waiting list statistics once the new PAS goes in, helping to ensure a smooth and seamless transition between systems. HealthData Manager merely switches its data source from the legacy PAS to the new generic data feeds with minimum disruption to operational processes.

Salford Royal Hospital NHS Trust has chosen to implement HealthData Manager early. The implementation of the CfH PAS presents the Trust with an opportunity to implement a reporting solution which is designed to be flexible and grow with the organisation in a structured manner. The project is designed to ensure that following the implementation of the new CfH PAS, the Trust can continue to function effectively, including the provision of suitable reports to drive operational processes such as admissions and appointment booking, the production of statutory returns to external bodies and the delivery of appropriate, timely management information to inform decision making at all levels.

Dave Ebbit, Head of IT at the Trust explains, "'The project requires executive-level support due to the complexity and cross organisational impact of introducing new reporting systems and for these to become an accepted and 'fit for purpose' tool to fully support the Trust's operational and management processes. This is a major project for Salford Royal Hospitals Trust".

Salford will also benefit from the HealthData Manager User Group, which meets for the first time in March 2006. System C will be encouraging the sharing of ideas, reports, resources and an open exchange of initiatives.

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