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Bluetooth biosensing wristwatch monitors heart rate, activity and emotions

25 July 2006

The Exmocare biosensor wristwatch. Source: Exmovere, PR NewswireExmovere LLC, has launched a Bluetooth-enabled biosensor wristwatch service in the USA for monitoring the heart rate, activity and emotions of the elderly to aid in their care. 

The Exmocare wristwatch monitors its wearer's pulse, heart rate variability and skin conductance. It also monitors the subject's level of activity via a built-in accelerometer to determine whether the subject is active, inactive or sedentary.

It can be used for rudimentary assessments of up to 10 different emotional states, including when its elderly wearer is relaxed, upbeat, worried, agitated, etc. The company says that emotional data is based upon established algorithms and calculations relied upon in the fields of neuropsychology and biofeedback, and in its internal testing has yielded results with a only a 25% margin of error.

Company President David Bychkov said: "Exmocare enables elderly people to live, travel and even drive on their own, with their families or loved ones having the additional comfort level of receiving nearly real-time data about their heart-rate, activity and emotions. Exmocare families can worry less, because our wristwatch system will help let them know early, possibly before being informed by home care specialists, if something's out of the ordinary with their loved one."

"Obviously there are enormous applications for government agencies to take advantage of," said Cheyenne Crow, Exmovere VP for Government Services. "Exmocare will help increase the comfort of veterans and wounded soldiers, as well as their families, worldwide."

Each wristwatch includes Windows, Windows Mobile and/or Pocket PC compatible software. It processes user-configured alerts to families and care providers by SMS, email and/or instant messenger. Easy-to-interpret taskbar emoticons and graphs at each care provider account display changes in the wearer's emotional and physical activity.

The company stresses that the Exmocare wrist watch is not a medical device, but when used as intended can assist families desiring additional monitoring of their elderly relatives, to augment doctor-recommended home care.

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