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Boston Scientific's remote monitoring system first to integrate to GE's electronic records

16 November 2006

Natick, Mass. Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX) today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Company's Latitude 2.0 software with remote data integration capabilities.

Latitude Patient Management is the first and only remote patient monitoring system to provide clinicians with direct device data integration capability into GE Medical's Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The enhanced version of the Latitude website also provides increased efficiencies to clinicians through streamlined system navigation, increased alert flexibility, faster printing and fine-tuned automatic scheduling.

Nearly five million Americans are living with heart failure, and 550,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Remote home monitoring is an effective tool to help physicians manage patients with heart failure and patients at risk of sudden cardiac death. Now, in addition to monitoring these patients from home, the integration of Boston Scientific's Latitude technology with GE's Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR) will help clinicians better manage and track patients through use of a more complete patient record.

"The collaboration between GE and Boston Scientific is a major stepping stone in our effort to provide a comprehensive patient record across the continuum of care," said Vishal Wanchoo, President and CEO, GE Healthcare Integrated IT Solutions. "The ability to collect patient data remotely using Latitude technology and integrating that data, along with historical medical information, within the patient's electronic medical record should empower physicians to make more accurate decisions at the point of care."

"Latitude Integration further establishes Boston Scientific as the undisputed leader in remote patient management, and we are pleased to be the first company to reach this important milestone," said Jim Tobin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boston Scientific. "We are also proud to be the first company to align with Heart Rhythm Society recommended guidelines for wireless device surveillance with what is fast becoming the standard of care."

Latitude Patient Management is also the only wireless remote system directly aligned with the ACC/AHA physician society guidelines, which recommend monitoring weight, blood pressure, activity level and quality of life. More than 10,000 patients now have Latitude-compatible wireless devices with the capability to provide them the daily assurance of knowing both their heart failure status and device can be automatically checked from the comfort of their home.

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