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Smartcards enable multi-nation healthcare in Germany during 2006 World Cup

26 June 2006

Fremont California, USA. Smart cards carrying health data are enabling visitors to Germany gain rapid access to healthcare during the World Cup. Smartcard readers supplied by SCM Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCMM) are being rolled out to about 20 hospitals near where the soccer matches will take place as part of the European NETC@RDS project.

SCM's SCR3311 smartcard readers will allow German medical staff to read data from new European health cards as well as the national health cards of various countries, enabling World Cup athletes, staff and visitors from participating nations access health care services.

A broader circulation of the readers to additional health care facilities in Germany will follow over the next several months.

In addition to providing a common software platform to read cards from multiple European countries, the readers make it possible for national health cards, rather than cumbersome paper forms, to be used as the base for billing with insurance companies while travelling. SCM's smartcard readers are compatible with health cards from all countries participating in the NETC@RDS program and compliant to the relevant standards for e-health programs throughout Europe.

"The 2006 World Cup follows the Olympic Games in Athens as the second international mass event where the NETC@RDS program has been made available to health card holders," said Dr. Gerhard Brenner, NETC@RDS spokesman from the Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany. "The use of smart cards to provide data significantly reduces administrative operations at these venues. The NETC@RDS project is not only a more modern approach, but is built on current national health initiatives to ensure that ongoing program investments are protected."

"We are pleased that our readers are once again being used to provide support the NETC@RDS project at a major world sporting event," said Robert Schneider, chief executive officer of SCM Microsystems. "NETC@RDS offers substantial advantages to citizens as well as insurance companies, providing rapid access to health care services in European countries and simplification of billing for those services."

About the NETC@RDS Project

The NETC@RDS Project aims to improve the access of mobile citizens to trans-European health services by using advanced Web-oriented applications based on IT systems, smartcards or a combination of both. It also aims to implement and evaluate technical solutions for the electronification of the European Health Insurance Card and for improving additional services such as the inter-European health costs clearing/billing processing. The consortium of the NETC@RDS Project includes partners from France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Finland, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary and sub-contractors and/or supporters in many of the participating countries.

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