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Philips partnerships accelerate development of magnetic particle imaging
Philips has initiated a German public-private partnership to develop whole-body magnetic particle imaging (MPI) systems and preclinical hybrid systems that combine MPI with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 21 Dec 2010

Philips introduces Ingenia digital broadband MRI system
Philips has introduced the Ingenia MRI system, the first to use digital broadband to improve the quality of the image. It delivers exceptional image clarity, scanning efficiency and scalability. 10 Dec 2010

Siemens Fast Care CT platform sets new standards for dose reduction
Fast Care is a new technology platform for CT scanners that helps hospital staff to perform CT examinations faster and more efficiently than before as well as keeping the dose for the patient as low as possible. 10 Dec 2010 Deutsch

Elsevier launches online self-assessment for radiology board review
Elsevier has announced the release of Case Reviews Online, an online edition of Case Reviews print series offering radiology professionals self-assessment preparation for board review. 9 Dec 2010

GE's ASiR technology reduces radiation dose in CT scans
GE's adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction low dose reconstruction technology can reduce dose by up to 40-50% while maintaining image quality. 9 Dec 2010

diffusionNew Edinburgh diagnostic imaging centre improves early detection of disease
The Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRIC) is a fully integrated medical imaging facility to improve diagnosis and treatment of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. 01 Dec 2010

Plextek enhances HD image processing for medical applications
Plextek has announced enhancements to its image processing suite designed to help medical device manufacturers overcome the technical challenges involved in developing mega-pixel video solutions for medical applications. 01 Dec 2010

OmniVision starts mass production of ultra-compact sensor for endoscopy
OmniVision Technologies has announced the initiation of mass production of its ultra-compact, high-performance digital imaging system, the OV6930. 23 Nov 2010

Siemens unveils first whole-body MR-PET system with simultaneous data acquisition
Siemens Healthcare will unveil at the end of this month the Biograph mMR, the world's first integrated whole-body molecular magnetic resonance (MR) imaging system with simultaneous PET and MR data acquisition technology. 23 Nov 2010

Ziehm and Medtronic present interface for image-guided 3D surgical navigation
The Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D C-arm X-ray system now connects to Medtronic's StealthStation surgical navigation system over the Ziehm NaviPort interface to deliver distortion-free 3D images during an operation. 23 Nov 2010

Ultrasound can replace CT and MRI for neurosurgical navigation
Following extensive studies Aloka is promoting the potential for ultrasound to be used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, CT/MRI as a neuro-navigational tool in certain operations. 23 Nov 2010

Philips announces new COPD alliance and medical innovations at Medica 2010
Philips new alliance is expected to result in better treatment access for patients. It is also displaying innovations for operating rooms, healing lighting, patient monitoring and cardiac ultrasound. 17 Nov 2010

Wardray Premise to exhibit MR and X-ray trolleys at MEDICA
Surrey-based manufacturer of shielding equipment for medical imaging departments, Wardray Premise, will be exhibiting its range of imaging trolleys at MEDICA 2010. 11 Nov 2010

Magnetically guided video capsule for stomach examination
Siemens Healthcare and Olympus Medical Systems have developed a magnetically guided capsule endoscope (MGCE) system that enables examination of the stomach more comfortably than using traditional systems. 4 Nov 2010

Philips and Electron install first Russian-made CT scanner
Philips and Russian medical equipment manufacturer Electron have completed Russia’s first installation and clinical validation of a domestically made computed tomography (CT) scanner at the Hospital of War Veterans in St Petersburg. 4 Nov 2010

image of brain nerve structureSoftware to convert MRI scans of brain into three-dimensional maps of nerves
A team of researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology has developed a software tool that converts MRI scans of the brain into three-dimensional coloured images of nerve structure. making this visible for the first time without having to operate (video demonstration below). 3 Nov 2010

Octopus invests £1.7m in Michelson Diagnostics' OCT scanner
The investment from Octopus will help fund the manufacture and placement of VivoSight scanners with key-opinion-leaders for clinical and economic validation, and will support the growth of the sales infrastructure in the UK and USA. 26 Oct

UK’s first robotic multi-axis C-arm for complex vascular surgery
The Royal Free Hospital in North London has opened the UK’s first advanced interventional imaging system, Artis zeego from Siemens Healthcare. 26 Oct 2010

Royal Oldham Hospital upgrades imaging department with innovative MRI
The Royal Oldham Hospital, part of Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in northern England, has upgraded its imaging department to offer patients quicker scanning times following the installation of a Magnetom Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI from Siemens Healthcare. 26 Oct 2010

NEC adds 27" wide-format screen to MDView medical imaging range
The 3.7-megapixel wide-format LCD screen allows two or more medical images to be viewed simultaneously thanks to its 27" size and a powerful picture-by-picture function. 26 Oct 2010

Aloka unveils new ProSound ultrasound system to European market
Aloka has launched its new flagship model, the ProSound F75. The system has bespoke settings for obstetrics and gynaecology assessments and includes a new feature to simultaneously display stored and real-time images. 22 Oct 2010

Siemens mammography software combines multiple imaging types on single workstation
The latest version of Syngo Mammo Report, the mammography workstation from Siemens, for the first time combines tomosynthesis, 3D ultrasound and 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with 2D mammography. 4 Oct 2010

Russia assembles first CT scanner
GE Healthcare and its Russian manufacturing partner Meditsinskie technologii Ltd (MTL) have unveiled Russia's first domestically assembled CT scanner. 15 Sept 2010

Canon announces ophthalmic diagnostics plans following takeover of Optopol
Canon Europe has announced first details of its plans for world domination in the ophthalmic diagnostic equipment market. 15 Sept 2010

Mo99 and Tc99m in personalized medicine: easing the supply crisis
Personalized medicine is the use of new methods of molecular analysis to better manage a patient’s disease or predisposition to disease. Currently impacting the efficiency of nuclear medicine is an ongoing shortage of the radioisotope Molybdenum 99 (Mo99). The production of this sensitive raw material is central in the production of Technetium 99m (Tc99m), which is used in nearly 60% of all patient scans. 8 September 2010

live-mri-maxplanckcs Maths and video game graphics help develop live MRI of beating heart
Magnetic resonance imaging taking just one fiftieth of a second will enable the dynamics of organs and joints to be filmed 'live' for the first time, including the beating heart, the bending knee, and movements of the eye and jaw. 2 Sept 2010

Screening of young athletes for heart disease needs improving
The screening process for young footballers to detect those at risk of heart disease does not take into account the type and intensity of the exercise performed. 2 Sept 2010

Enhanced cardiac ultrasound system from Philips Healthcare
Royal Philips Electronics has launched the enhanced iE33 xMATRIX cardiac ultrasound system featuring a new ergonomic solution for more efficient adult echocardiograms, the X5-1 transducer. 1 Sept 2010

Aloka's auto NT test improves ultrasound detection of foetal chromosome disease
Aloka Holding Europe AG has added an automated Nuchal Translucency thickness measurement and pre-calibrated settings into its ProSound ultrasound systems. 26 August 2010

Siemens to showcase next-generation ultrasound at BMUS 2010
Siemens Healthcare will showcase its ultrasound range, including the Acuson S2000 2.0 and Acuson X300 Premium Edition at this year’s British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition from 28-30 Sept.  26 August 2010

Viatronix releases new version of V3D-Colon software
Viatronix Incorporated has released a new version of its V3D-Colon software with the option to have colon CAD, VeraLook by iCAD. 26 August 2010

TomTec introduces new version of 2D cardiac performance analysis software
2D Cardiac Performance Analysis is a speckle tracking based analysis tool which can analyze 2D data from various ultrasound machines. It allows a cardiologist to study the behaviour of the heart muscle quicker and easier due to improved handling. 18 August 2010

Epson partners with Philips to offer printing systems for ultrasound imaging worldwide
Epson America and Royal Philips Electronics have entered into an agreement to supply Epson ink jet printers with Philips ultrasound medical imaging systems around the world. 17 August 2010

NDSsi launches ConnectOR G2 platform to integrate surgical imaging
ConnectOR G2 offers the unique ability to connect PACS imaging, surgical video and medical informatics. 12 August 2010

An MRI brain scanBrain scan detects autism in 15 minutes
A new technique can identify autism from MRI scans of the brain in just 15 minutes. Tested so far only in adults, it can identify autism with over 90% accuracy. 11 August 2010

Portable ultrasound system provides vital obstetric scanning support in Southern Sudan
The Martha Primary Healthcare Centre in southern Sudan has been given a Siemens Acuson P10 handheld ultrasound system by UK charity The Brickworks to perform obstetric scanning. 11 August 2010

Siemens wins 15-year €132m medical imaging contract in Spain
Siemens will provide the Cartagena and Mar Menor hospitals with more than 100 imaging systems, including computed tomography scanners, mammography systems, and ultrasound systems. 11 August 2010

AMD appoints BK Medical as agent for prostate HistoScanning in UK
HistoScanning is a proprietary tissue characterization technology used to differentiate, characterize, and visualize solid organ tissue types based on the analysis of backscattered ultrasound. 10 August 2010

Philips acquires Israeli PACS supplier CDP Medical
Philips has agreed to acquire the business of CDP Medical Ltd, an Israel-based provider of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), and a subsidiary of medical device distributor Medtechnica Ltd. 2 August 2010.

Philips acquires Chinese ultrasound transducer producer Shanghai Apex Electronics Technology
The acquisition strengthens Philips’ portfolio of high quality transducers specifically aimed at the value segment in emerging markets. 2 August 2010

Siemens launches initiative to reduce radiation dose from CT scans
Siemens Healthcare has launched the SIERRA initiative to reduce patient exposure to radiation in computed tomography (CT) scans. It has established the Low Dose Expert Panel with 15 specialists. 22 July 2010

Mirada Medical releases Casebook upgrade for showing medical images in PowerPoint
Oxford company Mirada Medical Limited has released a software upgrade for its Casebook (Casebook 1.1.) software, a unique presentation tool for showing medical scans in Microsoft PowerPoint. 22 July 2010

Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) — global opportunity assessment, competitive landscape and market forecasts to 2016
The report provides market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) market. It provides comprehensive information on the key trends affecting the market, and key analytical content on the market dynamics. The report also reviews the competitive landscape and technology offerings. Key geographies covered include the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia, and Brazil. July 2010

St Jude Medical completes takeover of LightLab Imaging
St Jude Medical has completed the acquisition of LightLab Imaging, Inc. for approximately $90 million in cash. LightLab is a pioneer and leader in the development of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), a high resolution diagnostic coronary imaging technology. 14 July 2010

Stanford Hospital opens hybrid operating and angiography room
The hybrid room enables a patient to stay in one place to be diagnosed and treated, either with surgery or the latest interventional procedure, in an environment as sterile as an operating room, with all-important imaging devices, microscopes and monitors right at hand. 12 July 2010

Leicester University to develop virtual autopsies from CT scans
The University of Leicester has won a grant to research and develop the use of cardiac angiography using CT scans to conduct near virtual autopsies. 30 June 2010

Mirada Medical launches Caseaccess PET-CT image management software
The product combines the company's fusion image analysis software with online image visualisation technologies to provide remote access to PET-CT and SPECT-CT scans and reports via fast, richly featured multi-modal quantitative imaging software. 23 June 2010

Philips launches mobile 3.0T MRI system with automatic adjustment to the patient
Philips has introduced the world’s first mobile 3.0T MRI system with MultiTransmit — automatic adjustment to the patient's size and shape. 17 June 2010

Philips launches intra-vascular interventional configuration for stroke assessment
The VasoCT is designed to visualize vessel structure beyond a clot and help physicians identify and assess the size and extent of an ischemic stroke. 17 June 2010

Riester upgrades range of laryngoscopes
Riester has launched new blades and handles for its range of Laryngoscopes. ri-dispo disposable laryngoscope blades and new LED and plug-in handles make Riester Laryngoscopes much more efficient and user friendly. 14 June 2010

Siemens and Olympus collaborate on magnetically guided capsule endoscope
This innovative technology is intended to allow stomach examinations to be performed easily and comfortably by having the patient simply swallow an endoscope in the form of a capsule. The patient would then lie down in a magnetic guidance system. 8 June 2010

iCAD launches new polyp detection tool for virtual colonography
iCAD, Inc. has launched a new version of its VeraLook computer-aided detection technology for CT colonography (CTC), or virtual colonoscopy. It detects and highlights potential polyps during CTC examinations. 2 June 2010

GE unveils new spectral mammography technology for breast cancer diagnosis
GE Healthcare has introduced the SenoBright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) technology, to detect and diagnose breast cancer more rapidly and accurately, even in the densest part of the breast tissue. 2 June 2010

Siemens offers online real-time monitoring service for molecular imaging systems
The Guardian Program monitors customer systems’ performance in real time and online. When critical parameters are detected the system automatically informs the Siemens Service Centre. 1 June 2010

Portable ultrasound systemsBuilding flexibility into electronic design of ultrasound systems
This article reviews the up-front considerations that must be addressed to offer portable, performance-based products that provide system designers with the flexibility required to bring new products to this global market. It discusses the application of these methods to the design of portable ultrasound systems. 31 May 2010

SuperSonic Imagine unveils results of largest ever breast ultrasound clinical trial
French company SuperSonic Imagine has unveiled some of the results of the largest clinical breast study ever undertaken in ultrasound imaging. It is assessing the clinical benefits of ShearWave Elastography in the ultrasonic evaluation of breast lesions. 31 May 2010

Siemens to present multi-modality diagnostic solutions at Symposium Mammographicum
Siemens will be showcasing its latest innovations in mammography and ultrasound breast imaging at Symposium Mammographicum 2010 (11-13 July 2010, Liverpool). 31 May 2010

PET-MRI scanner opens new frontier in medical imaging
The PET-MRI scanner, which has been developed by Philips, combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) into one unit, allowing accurate combination of the two imaging modalities and giving new possibilities for medical imaging. 31 May 2010

Siemens redesigns control room for interventional suites
Siemens Healthcare has introduced the Artis zee Cockpit, a new workplace designed to significantly ease the tasks performed in the control room of radiology and cardiology interventional suites. 14 May 2010

Magnetic fluorescent nanoparticles highlight brain tumours for MRI and surgery
Scientists at Ohio State University have combined two types of nanoparticle to create a 'nanocomposite' that is both magnetic and fluorescent. The aim is to highlight tumours in diagnostic imaging and visually during surgery. 7 May 2010

Siemens Uroskop images entire urinary tract with single exposure
The new dynamic flat detector technology of UROSKOP Omnia enables the urologist to cover the entire urinary tract (kidney, ureter, bladder) with only one single exposure of exceptional image quality. 22 April 2010

International design award for three Siemens diagnostic imaging systems
Siemens Healthcare has been awarded the international red dot design award for three of its new-to-market imaging systems. 14 April 2010

fcMRI scans of brainMRI scans of brain networks could help predict effects of brain injury
An MRI scanning technique originally developed for study of brain organization could enable better prediction of the effects of strokes and other brain injuries, neurologists at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis have found. 1 April 2010

High-resolution CT and CT pulmonary angiography most important advances in cardiopulmonary imaging in 25 years
The two techniques were chosen as the most influential in a survey of experts conducted by the Journal of Thoracic Imaging to mark its 25th anniversary. 1 April 2010

Medtronic pacemaker system for use in MRI scanners available in Europe
Medtronic, Inc. has announced the commercial availability of the Advisa DR MRI SureScan pacemaker in selected European geographies. It gives patients access to full body MRI scans, without positioning limitations. 26 March 2010

UK musculoskeletal research boosted with introduction of 3 Tesla MRI
Scientists at the Leeds Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit have recently welcomed the installation of a Magnetom Verio from Siemens Healthcare. 26 March 2010

Analog Devices introduces digital to analog converter for high quality MRI images
Analog Devices has introduced a breakthrough in data conversion that gives clinicians and radiologists the superior image clarity they need to see smaller anatomical structures and abnormalities, such as breast cancer cells. 26 March 2010

Canon develops wireless cassette-sized digital radiology system
Canon UK has announced the development of the company’s first wireless, cassette-size digital radiography (DR) system: the CXDI-70C Wireless. 25 March 2010

Siemens launches low-cost editions of 16 and 64-slice CT scanners
With its favourable price/performance ratio, the new Excel Editions scanner family makes it easier for hospitals and medical practices to acquire computed tomography systems. 16 March 2010

Fluorescent nanoparticles highlight cancerous tissue on operating table
Cell-penetrating molecules carrying fluorescent and magnetic tags that stick to and light up tumors help surgeons see more of the tumour tissue on the operating table and make it visible to MRI scans. 9 Mar 2010

Proton beam imaging for cancer diagnostics moves a step closer
Using a proton beam scan to image a patient prior to treatment would give more accurate density maps and the proton beam would stop more precisely on the tumor. 9 Mar 2010

Philips launches new PET/CT scanner and DoseAware radiation monitoring system for radiology staff
Philips' GEMINI LXL scanner offers many of the features available on premium systems. DoseAware offer real time monitoring and display of radiology staff radiation exposure. 9 Mar 2010

Mammography gives no added value in breast cancer screening
A multicentre study of breast cancer screening has concluded that mammography is unnecessary in women undergoing MRI and current guidelines should be revised to reflect this. 9 Mar 2010

Teleradiology service completes 10,000 audits
Teleradiology specialist 4 Ways Healthcare has completed 10,000 audits of its remote radiology service in the UK, assuring the quality of its advanced medical imaging and diagnostic interpretation service. 9 Mar 2010

Siemens supplies radiography CAD application via Internet
Siemens Healthcare is introducing a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for digital radiography that enables customers to receive computer-aided detection (CAD) results via remote processing. 5 Mar 2010

New book: Radiotherapy in practice — imaging
Imaging is a critical component in the delivery of radiotherapy to patients with malignancy, and this book teaches the principles and practice of imaging specific to radiotherapy. (pub Jan 2010). 23 Feb 2010

Siemens workshop extends knowledge of tissue elasticity and strain imaging
Over 270 sonographers and consultants joined together recently to extend knowledge and understanding of acoustic radiation force imaging (ARFI) and elasticity imaging techniques in a Siemens Healthcare workshop at Euroson 2009. 22 February 2010

GE Healthcare introduces Vscan phone-sized ultrasound imaging tool
The Vscan houses powerful, smart ultrasound imaging technology and can easily be taken from room to room to be used in many clinical, hospital or primary care settings. 22 Feb 2010

Faster stroke treatment with application for imaging of blood flow in brain
Siemens Healthcare has developed a new software application that enables the visualisation of parenchymal blood flow during minimally invasive interventions in the brain for the first time. 22 Feb 2010

MR spectroscopy can locate sperm in infertile men non-invasively
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used to determine if men with no sperm in their ejaculate still have sperm in their testes. It may remove the need for invasive procedures. 9 Feb 2010

Quantum physics research leads to breakthrough heart scanner
A highly sensitive cardiac scanner being developed at the University of Leeds will dramatically improve the process of diagnosing heart conditions. 8 Feb 2010

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