Canon announces ophthalmic diagnostics plans following takeover of Optopol

15 Sept 2010

Canon Europe has announced details of its integration with Optopol following the takeover in December 2009.

Canon’s aim through the acquisition is to achieve the world’s prime position in the ophthalmic diagnostic equipment market. The combination of the two companies gives a complementary fit in products, technologies and channels.

Mr Yoshiyuki Masuko, Senior Director, Medical Systems Division, Canon Europe, said, “Canon welcomes Optopol as a new partner and subsidiary company of the Canon group. The new combination enables Canon to enter the field of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), which is expected to undergo significant growth, and we are excited about the opportunities this will bring for our customers by offering a greatly enhanced product portfolio.”

Optopol’s product line-up boasts strengths in such areas as OCT, ultrasound scanners, corneal topographers, and perimeters, while Canon excels in the areas of retinal cameras, refractometers and tonometers. Through the combination of these two complimentary product lines, customers will benefit from an enhanced product portfolio spanning a wide range of ophthalmic diagnostic systems.

Canon and Optopol are working together on integration planning at both global and regional levels, using their combined strengths to provide greater customer value and to create ground breaking new ophthalmic diagnostic tools through joint development activity.

First steps have been taken for the integration of product portfolios in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region: Optopol products are being launched in the Canon sales channels over the course of the second half of this year. Further short term cross sales plans between Canon Europe and Optopol are in development.


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