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Siemens Acuson P10 handheld ultrasound evaluated for range of clinical applications
An evaluation of the Acuson P10 ultrasound system from Siemens Healthcare suggests that use of the handheld unit may reduce the number of people referred for full ultrasound examinations. 17 December 2009

Siemens echocardiography suite captures full-volume heart image in one beat
This new release of the Acuson SC2000 system features unique technologies and applications that improve diagnostic confidence and workflow in echocardiography to deliver vastly more diagnostic information than today’s conventional systems. 9 Dec 2009

Toshiba showcases patient-friendly 3T MRI
Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., has developed a comfortable and efficient 3T MR, the Vantage Titan 3T open bore MR to overcome the common patient complaints with 3T MR imaging of claustrophobia and acoustic noise. 4 Dec 2009

Canon celebrates production of 10,000 digital radiography systems at RSNA 2009
Canon USA, Inc. will celebrate the achievement of a Canon Inc. medical equipment manufacturing milestone as cumulative production of Canon CXDI Digital Radiography (DR) systems surpassed the 10,000 unit mark. 4 Dec 2009

Philips helps hospitals strike balance between innovation and value
Royal Philips Electronics is demonstrating a new range of healthcare imaging and informatics solutions at RSNA2009 this week that reflect a desire for value, modular price points and easy upgradability. 4 Dec 2009

GE Healthcare focuses on Healthymagination products at RSNA 2009
GE Healthcare is displaying products under its healthymagination intitiative — its new commitment to healthcare and to those professionals who deliver it. 4 Dec 2009

Michelson Diagnostics presents advantages of OCT laser imaging for cancer diagnostics at RSM innovation summit
UK medical imaging firm Michelson Diagnostics Ltd (MDL) presented to an audience of around 300 Royal Society of Medicine Fellows and Members how MDL’s revolutionary new laser-based medical imaging technology could radically improve cancer diagnostics. 2 December 2009

Part of an elastogram of a skin cancerHigh frequency ultrasound and skin elasticity can identify skin cancer
High-frequency ultrasound with elastography can help differentiate between cancerous and benign skin conditions, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). 1 December 2009

An Egyptian mummyCT scans of mummies show atherosclerosis common in ancient Egyptians
A new study has found that atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, was common in ancient Egyptians, challenging a belief that vascular disease is a modern affliction caused by current-day risk factors such as stress and sedentary lifestyles. 1 December 2009

Siemens launches advanced diagnostic imaging tools for multiple specialties
Siemens is enabling advanced visualization to become common practice in the clinical routine with the introduction of its syngo.via imaging software at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago this week. 1 December 2009

Telemis makes platform-independent PACS technology available to OEMs
Telemis Group, a specialist in picture archiving and communication systems, has announced that it is to make its platform-independent technologies available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other third parties for the first time. 1 December 2009

Radiologists diagnose appendicitis remotely by using smart phone
Radiologists can accurately diagnose acute appendicitis from a remote location with the use of a handheld device or mobile phone equipped with special software, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) this week. 1 December 2009

Philips showcases radiology systems to support minimally invasive surgery at RSNA
Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is highlighting its portfolio in the field of interventional radiology/oncology at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago this week. 1 December 2009

Siemens develops mathematical approach to lower radiation dose in computed tomography
Siemens Healthcare has developed what it calls Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space (IRIS) to generate high-quality images, acquired with smaller radiation doses. 25 Nov 2009

Smiths Detection wins $3.2m in grants to develop tests for sepsis pathogens and flu
Smiths Detection has won two grants from the US National Institutes of Health for the development of tests using its Clinical Bio-Seeq instrument. 27 Oct 2009

New MRI technique for diagnosing lung disease
A new type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that uses Xenon gas to highlight details of damage to the lungs is being pioneered at The University of Nottingham. It could lead to better treatment for people with chronic lung disease and asthma. 28 Oct 2009

Northern Centre for Cancer Care upgrades radiotherapy services
The Northern Centre for Cancer Care in Newcastle, UK, is upgrading its five Siemens Oncor linear accelerators to 160 multileaf collimator (MLC) capabilities to improve conformal shaping of radiotherapy treatment beams and IMRT. 27 Oct 2009

Siemens integrates Trumpf’s OR table in its Artis angiography systems
Siemens Healthcare has integrated the TruSystem7500 operating table from Trumpf with its C-arm systems Artis zee ceiling and Artis zeego. 27 October 2009

The top 40 manufacturers of diagnostic imaging equipment In Europe
The companies profiled in this report are located across Europe from the United Kingdom and France to Hungary and Poland. They manufacture the whole spectrum of imaging equipment. more ...

GE Healthcare launches global initiative on 10th anniversary of digital mammography
To commemorate the tenth anniversary of digital mammography and its long standing commitment to fighting breast cancer, GE Healthcare has created a digital wall of personal stories from those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer, as well as doctors, scientists and fundraisers who work tirelessly against the disease. 12 Oct 2009. Deutsch Español Francais

Siemens installs ultrasound systems in three UK community and acute hospitals
Siemens has announced installation of its Acuson ultrasound systems at three UK hospitals for use in outpatients, a range of maternity uses, foetal medicine and general medicine, in Malvern, Barnet and Wolverhampton. 9 Oct 2009

UK Diagnostic Imaging Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015
and Germany Diagnostic Imaging Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015
These reports by GlobalData provide market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information on six market categories including Computed Tomography Systems, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Systems and X-Ray Systems. The reports provide comprehensive information on the key trends affecting these categories, and key analytical insight on the market dynamics. The report also reviews the competitive landscape in terms of mergers and acquisitions, pipeline products and technology offerings. more UK... more Germany ... 8 Oct 2009

Philips upgrades Allura Xper cardio-vascular x-ray systems
Philips has launched a new upgrade program for its Allura Xper family of cardio/vascular x-ray devices. The complimentary upgrade will be provided globally to more than 2000 customers with Customer Service Agreements. 8 Oct 2009

Viatronix awarded Frost & Sullivan European medical imaging emerging company of the year
Frost & Sullivan has awarded the European Medical Imaging Emerging Company of the Year Award in the radiology applications market to Viatronix for its innovative 3D computer imaging technologies for diagnostic imaging. 8 Oct 2009

Philips develops breakthrough photomultiplier for medical imaging and diagnostics
Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) has announced that its scientists have developed a highly innovative digital silicon photomultiplier technology that will allow faster and more accurate photon (the basic quantum unit of light) counting in a wide range of applications where ultra-low light levels need to be measured.8 Octr 2009

Measuring pancreatic fat with MRS may help predict diabetes
Measuring pancreatic fat content non-invasively using magnetic resonance spectroscopy could one day serve as an effective clinical tool to identify those at high risk of diabetes and monitor interventions designed to prevent the disease. 5 October

Siemens introduces dedicated ultrasound system for obstetrics and gynecology
Siemens Healthcare has introduced a dedicated ultrasound system for obstetrics and gynaecology, the Acuson X300 ultrasound system, PremiumEdition (PE) — Women’s Imaging. 23 Sept 2009

12th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) London, 20-24 Sept. 19 Sept 2009

NeuroLogica announces FDA clearance for inSPira HD: portable high resolution SPECT
The inSPira HD is a battery-powered, high resolution, portable SPECT designed primarily for brain imaging. 5 Sept 2009

Siemens exhibits new cardiac imaging application for aortic valve prosthesis at ESC 2009
With the syngo DynaCT Cardiac, the cardiologist can position the valve prosthesis more accurately and quickly than before. 28 August 2009

Philips enhances Xcelera cardiology image management system
Philips has introduced new enhancements to its Xcelera multimodality cardiology image management, analysis and reporting solution featuring telecardiology capabilities to increase access to images and information. 20 August 2009

Philips begins shipments of MX 16-slice CT scanners. 20 August 2009

New 3-D technology allows surgeons to fly through virtual human body
The imaging technology developed at The Methodist Hospital in Houston will change the way surgeons prepare and perform surgery and the way radiation oncologists plan and deliver radiation treatment. 24 July 2009

Structural MRI may help to accurately diagnose dementia patients
A new study by the Mayo Clinic may help physicians differentially diagnose three common neurodegenerative disorders in the future. 22 July 2009

Scottish imaging network delivers improved medical imaging for key diseases
More effective medical imaging to help diagnose and treat patients with Alzheimer’s, stroke, cancer and other conditions is one of the key goals of SINAPSE, a major Scottish research network. 17 July 2009

St Thomas' Hospital buys Siemens portable ultrasound systems
The London Hospital has bought three Acuson P10s, a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound system that can be used for rapid, point-of-care assistance in a variety of conditions. 2 July 2009

Toshiba announces two releases of Voxar 3D Advanced Visualization product line
Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe has announced two major releases in its Voxar 3D product line: Voxar 3D 6.3.2 Workstation and Voxar 3D 6.3.2 ActiveX. The products are widely-used advanced visualization solutions for PACS. 15 June 2009

American College of Radiology offers learning library online
The American College of Radiology (ACR) has made its entire library of ACR Learning File images and content available online as a Web-hosted archive to ACR members and others in the field. 15 June 2009

iSOFT launches new PACS for diagnostic imaging
Australian company iSOFT Group Limited (ASX: ISF) has launched its new iSOFT PACS (picture archiving and communications system), enhancing its global portfolio of IT products designed to create a seamless electronic health record. 8 June 2009

Philips launches worlds smallest TEE transducer for cardiac imaging of newborns
Philips' microTEE transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) transducer provides pediatric cardiologists with a diagnostic tool for imaging the hearts of newborn patients. 8 June 2009

The Signostics ultrasound scannerSignostics receives FDA clearance for world’s smallest ultrasound scanner
Signostics’ device makes it affordable for individual healthcare professionals to use ultrasound in their clinical practice. This breakthrough product is the first ultrasound platform technology that clinicians can place in their pocket or wear around their neck like a stethoscope. 5 June 2009

Lantheus Medical Imaging mitigates impact of global Molybdenum-99 supply crisis
Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc. has signed an agreement with NTP Radioisotopes (Pty) Ltd., a subsidiary of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA), to manufacture and supply Lantheus with an ongoing volume of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), a key isotope used in medical imaging procedures. 5 June 2009

Dual energy CT shows promise as new diagnostic method for gout
A study at the Vancouver General Hospital in Canada shows that dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) has potential for identifying deposits of uric acid to diagnose gout. 4 June 2009

Major Portuguese hospital selects Sectra to provide PACS
Hospital de São João, one of Portugal’s largest hospitals, has selected Sectra to provide picture archiving and communications (PACS) products and services in a multi-year contract. 7 May 2009

Tide turns in fight to stop European Commission restricting use of MRI scanners
Further pressure has been applied to the European Commission to amend the Physical Agents (EMF) Directive which, if adopted into national legislation, would drastically curtail the use of MRI scanners in hospitals and research centres across Europe. 24 April 2009. Deutsch

OpenVista Radiology 2.0 improves patient care and staff workflow through targeted enhancements
Medsphere Systems Corporation has announced the release of an enhanced OpenVista Radiology Application. OpenVista Radiology 2.0 incorporates auto check-in, automatic printing of radiology requisition reports, improved work lists, enhanced picture archiving and autofax capabilities. 23 April 2009

Primal Pictures launches reference tool for interpreting radiology scans
Primal Pictures has developed interactive software for teaching how to interpret radiological scans that provides users with an invaluable aid to cross section anatomy, CT and MRI interpretation. 10 April 2009

GE Healthcare gives digital radiography system green status
GE Healthcare has given its first line of digital radiography X-ray products ecomagination status, based on the systems’ energy and operational efficiency. 9 April 2009

Imaging Diagnostic Systems develops new algorithm for CT laser mammography
The new reconstruction algorithm improves visualization of angiogenesis (cancer) in laser mammography images. 8 April 2009

Growth in data storage for digital medical imaging causing interoperability problems
It is essential that image archive storage solution providers, PACS vendors and image modality manufacturers become aware of the growing requirements of storage space, says Frost & Sullivan in a new report. 7 April 2009

Boston Scientific launches new coronary imaging catheter
Boston Scientific Corporation has launched its iCross coronary imaging catheter, a product designed to improve the deliverability of the company's intravascular ultrasound technology. 7 April 2009

Agfa delivers digital imaging systems to Basque Healthcare Service
Agfa HealthCare has successfully delivered the first phase of of a contract to supply imaging systems at several of the Basque Healthcare Service's 28-site Osakidetza facilities in Spain, including a go-live of its centralised radiology information system (RIS) across the facility's network. 25 March 2009

Virtual colonoscopies show value for some patients, but polyps will be missed
Research findings from meta-analyses performed by the US ECRI Institute suggest that CT colonography appears most promising for screening asymptomatic, average-risk patients; however, it will miss some important polyps and cancer that would have been detected by colonoscopy. 23 March 2009

Magnetic resonance imaging shows what people store in short-term memory
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), can show what information people are holding in memory based only on patterns of activity in the brain. By analyzing blood-flow activity researcher were able to identify the specific colour or orientation of an object that was intentionally stored by the observer. 15 March 2009

Siemens to showcase nuclear medicine innovations at BNMS 2009
Siemens has announced it will be presenting its latest product advancements at the British Nuclear Medicine Society’s Annual Meeting from the 27-29 April 2009 at the Manchester Central Convention Complex. 12 March 2009

Philips introduces digital radiography system for smaller clinics
Royal Philips Electronics has launched the Essenta DR Compact, a fully digital x-ray system that delivers high quality on a moderate budget. It can be used for all general radiography examinations and is aimed at mid-sized hospitals, imaging centres, private clinics and orthopaedic clinics. 12 March 2009

Philips Brilliance Workspace CT work-station named category leader by KLAS
Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) has announced that its Brilliance Workspace computed tomography (CT) workstation was recognized in the 2008 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services report. 6 March 2009

Michelson Diagnostics raises £350K for clinical trials and growth
The money will be used to support multi-centre clinical trials of its new hand-held multi-beam optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging probe, and also aid international commercial growth. 4 March 2009

GE Healthcare launches Centricity PACS suite in Asia
GE Healthcare, has launched a suite of Centricity systems targeted for hospitals and outpatient imaging centres in Asia. The suite offers web-based portability, instantaneous image reporting and scalable business processes. 2 March 2009

Philips announces first 3D cardiovascular images from magnetic particle imaging
The technology, which uses the magnetic properties of iron-oxide nanoparticles injected into the bloodstream, has been used in a pre-clinical study to generate unprecedented real-time images of arterial blood flow and volumetric heart motion. 27 February 2009

GE installs first series of breakthrough molecular imaging scanners
GE Healthcare has announced the installation of the new Discovery PET/CT 600-series scanners in hospitals in France, the USA and Australia. They provide earlier diagnosis, more accurate tumour location and better assessment of how a patient is responding to cancer treatment. 22 February 2009

Analog Devices’ new data acquisition chip gives faster, clearer images for CT scanners
The new current-to-digital converter chip that enables high slice count CT systems to capture real-time moving images with a high degree of accuracy and detail. 16 February 2009

Toshiba completes acquisition of imaging division of Barco. 16 February 2009

MeresamunCT scans reveal 3000 year old  mummy of Egyptian princess
Stunning 3D images have revealed details of a mummy that has been sealed in a coffin for more than 3,000 years thanks to a cutting-edge medical scanner developed by Philips. 16 February 2009

Website for patients to share diagnostic-quality medical images
US company Heart Imaging Technologies (HeartIT) has launched a free website allowing patients to upload and share diagnostic-quality medical images using just a standard web browser.  16 February 2009

Sodium MRI shows arthritis long before onset of physical symptoms
Dr Garry Gold, an associate professor of radiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine has improved an old imaging technology called sodium MRI to diagnose osteoarthritis as long as decades before the onset of physical symptoms. 9 February 2009

Brain region controlling sociability identified
A combination of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and measurement of brain electrical activity in a study of brain function has enabled researchers to trace sociability to the amygdala region of the brain. 9 February 2009

Pinehill Hospital installs digital fluoroscopy system to improve patient throughput
Pinehill Hospital, a private hospital based in Hertfordshire, England, has installed a Siemens AXIOM Luminos dRF digital fluoroscopy system for urinary tract examinations, such as cystograms and intravenous urograms (IVUs) and for arthrography imaging to enhance joint procedures such as hip or knee replacements. 9 February 2009

Ontario grants Agfa Healthcare $29.6-million to create jobs for developing radiology software
The award is to help create 100 new jobs and support existing jobs by supporting Agfa in the development of new software that allows radiologists to share digital images across a regional network. 31 January 2009

Michelson Diagnostics issues preliminary specification for OCT probe
Michelson Diagnostics has issued a preliminary specification for its clinical Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) probe and processing system, which is planned for launch in late spring 2009. 31 January 2009

Philips launches new ultrasound system for women's health needs
Philips Electronics HD9 system combines advanced imaging technology, including 3D and 4D capabilities, in an easy-to-use and reliable system for obstetrics, gynaecology and breast imaging. 31 January 2009

Michelson Diagnostics releases preliminary specification for handheld OCT probe
UK company Michelson Diagnostics has issued a preliminary specification for its clinical optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe and processing system, which is planned for launch in late spring. 16 January 2009

MRI is vital resource in treatment of back pain
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a growing technology providing an increasing number of clinical benefits when used in the evaluation of back pain, according to an article in the January 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 13 January 2009

GE releases non-invasive radiation-free lung imaging system
GE Healthcare in partnership with Deep Breeze Ltd have been granted US FDA clearance for the VRIxv, a non-invasive, radiation-free lung imaging system. The VRIxv uses acoustic sensors brought in contact with the patients’ back while lying in bed. Software converts signals into dynamic images of the lungs. 8 January 2009

Kingston Hospital installs Siemens interventional imaging system
The radiology department at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust in southern England has installed a Siemens Artis zee MP interventional imaging system. The new equipment was selected primarily for peripheral angiography and angioplasty procedures. 6 January 2009

Visage Imaging receives US clearance for medical imaging software
Visage Imaging has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market its latest thin-client product release, Visage CS 3.1, which has cardiac neuroradiology and oncology applications. 6 January 2009

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