Imaging Diagnostic Systems develops new algorithm for CT laser mammography

8 April 2009

Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc., (OTCBB:IMDS) a pioneer in laser optical breast cancer imaging systems, has enhanced its CT Laser Mammography (CTLM) system with a reconstruction algorithm that improves visualization of angiogenesis (cancer) in its images.

During a CTLM examination the breast is illuminated by a laser and the transmitted light is collected by a series of photo detectors and transformed into digital data. The reconstruction algorithm uses this data to create the various images of the breasts. The improved algorithm enhances the images by reducing the number of artifacts occasionally produced during an examination thereby making diagnosis easier.

Steven Ponder PhD, Director of Advanced Development/Imaging Diagnostic Systems, said, “Our first-generation reconstruction algorithms were developed and evaluated using data acquired during our initial clinical trials. Since those trails, we have deployed over 26 systems worldwide, providing us with CTLM data from thousands of patients.

"IDSI’s Research & Development team used this data to optimize the reconstruction algorithms in order to provide better clarity and reduced artifact in CTLM images. We also incorporated streamlined numerical methods into the software so that the new algorithm does not require additional computing resources, allowing us to provide the improved functionality to existing customers as a software upgrade.”

Dr Eric Milne Director of Clinical Research/Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc, said, “The new algorithm has improved the visualization and distinction of several known patterns of angiogenesis from normal patterns of breast perfusion, making it easier for the radiologist to detect cancer.

"Of even greater importance; breasts which are too dense to be penetrated by X-ray mammography are quite translucent to the laser beam. The CTLM system therefore has much greater sensitivity than mammography in the dense breast and can reveal between two and three times the number.”

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