Telemis makes platform-independent PACS technology available to OEMs

1 December 2009

Telemis Group, a Belgium-based specialist in picture archiving and communication systems, has announced that it is to make its platform-independent technologies available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other third parties for the first time.

By entering into OEM agreements with key healthcare vendors in the USA and Europe, the company aims to give more hospitals, clinics and radiology practices access to advanced PACS implementations that reduce costs and increase care quality by eliminating the need for X-ray film.

Stephane Ketelaer, the CEO of the Telemis Group commented: “Strong R&D collaboration with the UCL University in Belgium ensures that Telemis implementations are built around the very latest image processing, distribution and security developments.

"Because of this, Telemis PACS technology allows healthcare professionals to do much more with medical images than has previously been possible. Now, by providing OEMs around the world with access to Telemis technologies, the significant benefits that these technologies deliver will be available to an even wider base of hospitals, clinics and radiology practices.”

Telemis imaging systems are already employed in over 150 hospitals and private radiology practices that are benefitting from the move to a filmless environment. To date these modular, scalable and platform-independent PACS technologies have been integrated into the target information systems by Telemis itself.

Now, with the announcement of the new OEM strategy, other medical equipment manufacturers and healthcare vendors will also be able to quickly and cost-effectively incorporate the same proven and flexible PACS technologies into their own product offerings.

Telemis PACS implementations allow hospitals, clinics, radiology practices and other healthcare institutions to cost-effectively store and share images and other content including video, audio and diagnostic results. Simple, fast and secure access to this information improves overall patient care while the move from traditional film can lead to significant cost savings.

Images can be stored across a wide variety of storage and archiving systems running on many different operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, LINUX, and MAC OS.

Telemis says it expects the first OEM agreement to be announced by the end of the year.


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