Kingston Hospital installs Siemens interventional imaging system

6 January 2009

The radiology department at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust in southern England has installed a Siemens Artis zee MP interventional imaging system.

The new equipment was selected primarily for peripheral angiography and angioplasty procedures. However its advanced imaging capabilities mean that it will also be used for testicular vein and uterine artery embolisation, vertebroplasty, renal and hepatobiliary work.

The advanced imaging capabilities and flexibility of the Artis zee have improved patient throughput, making it possible to do three angiograms in the time it previously took to do two.  This means staff can organise their days more efficiently and the department has capacity for a greater number of patients.  It has also allowed the Radiology Department to offer new services, including Hickman Line insertions.

Clinicians have identified two radiation-reducing features as excellent benefits of the Artis zee.  Careposition allows radiographers to accurately position the patient without using radiation by means of last image hold and virtual positioning.  Carevision enables the use of using pulsed fluoroscopy as low as 0.5p/s, as opposed to continuous screening. Both features significantly reduce the radiation dose without detracting from the high quality of images delivered.

“The system provides images of a very high standard incredibly quickly, while submitting the patient to significantly less dose,” said Amanda Kenevin, Superintendent Radiographer at Kingston Hospital.  “The system is very user friendly and post processing is excellent, especially during angiography — just what a radiographer requires.”

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