Critical & general care 2006

Xograph launches hospital air purification division. 11 Dec 2006

Bracelet for locating Alzheimer patients by GPS and GSM phone launched in Spain
The bracelet, which integrates a mobile telephone system, intelligent alerts and localisation via satellite (GPS), allows the Alzheimer patient to be located if they are lost or disoriented and also to establish immediate contact with them. 23 Nov 2006 Deutsch

Ventilator controlled by patient's brain
MAQUET Critical Care has launched the SERVO-i ventilator with neurally adjusted ventilatory assist at MEDICA. It allows the patient to control the ventilator with their brain's respiratory centre. 16 Nov 2006

Roche Diagnostics launches insulin pump system in USA
The Roche Diagnostics ACCU-CHEK Spirit insulin pump system for diabetes self-management includes an insulin pump, a blood glucose monitor, and software with a bolus calculator. 24 Oct 2006

Biofisica receives European clearance for first electric stimulation wound dressing
Biofisica LLC has received clearance to market its POSiFECT RD wound care product in Europe. It is the first device available that combines moist wound-care dressing and electrical stimulation in a disposable sterile dressing. 9 Oct 2006

Wearable stress-fracture detection system
Researchers have created a prototype device that could be used to monitor the formation of microcracks in bones that can lead to hairline stress fractures. This could help prevent fractures in a wide range of susceptible people who undergo regular strenuous exercise, such as military recruits and sports people such as England footballers David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen, who suffered metatarsal fractures just before World Cups. 4 Oct 2006

Belgian disaster victim tracking and tracing system demonstrated at University Hospital Antwerp
The new system, called BeViTTS (Belgian Victim Tracking and Tracing System), simplifies the registration and identification of casualties affected in a disaster situation and allows for the rapid exchange and automatic processing of data collected by emergency workers at the scene.  4 Oct 2006

Prostate cancer cell immediately after exposure to ultrasoundUltrasound opens cell membranes for drug delivery
Ultrasound can open holes in cell walls and the cells can repair the holes within minutes. Understanding this mechanism could advance the use of ultrasound for delivering gene therapies, targeting chemotherapy and administering large-molecule drugs. 12 Sept 2006

Computer display on glasses helps to overcome tunnel vision
A device that combines a tiny camera, pocket-sized computer and transparent computer display on a pair of glasses, may offer the most effective assistance for tunnel vision, according to Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute in the USA. 11 Sept 2006

Bang & Olufsen Medicom and AstraZeneca to develop patient-compliance monitoring device. 8 Sept 2006

Seat belt to protect implanted medical devices
Pressure Products has launched the SoftTouch device for attaching to a seat belt to reduce impact forces over an implantable medical device when the wearer is in a vehicle crash. 31 August 2006

Over-the-counter medicine sales give early warning of pandemics, bioterrorism
Bracken Foster & Associates, LLC has been granted a US patent for its solution that enables retailers to monitor sales of medicines that could be related to self-treatment of early symptoms of pandemics and bioterrorism and maintain commercial confidentiality. 25 August 2006

Personal record system for emergencies on USB memory drive
The ICER-2-GO is a record system for vital medical and personal information stored on a USB memory stick. When it is plugged into a computer's USB port it gives first responders instant access to emergency medical information. 17 August 2006

Non-invasive insulin delivery methods will revolutionise diabetes management
Innovative, non-invasive methods to deliver insulin are poised to transform diabetes management. Several methods of non-invasive delivery are under development by various companies, but there are concerns over safety, efficacy and cost. 17 August 2006

Philips to develop ultrasound device to stop bleeding from battlefield wounds
Philips Research is to lead a consortium that will develop a device that will automatically detect and stem internal bleeding from wounds. The proposed technology, called "autonomous acoustic hemostasis," uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to stem internal bleeding by encouraging coagulation. 4 August 2006

Dräger introduces new family of ventilators
Dräger Medical has introduced a new family of ventilators designed for subacute care respiratory wards and home care, they inlude SyncPlus technology designed to automatically synchronize ventilation with spontaneous patient breathing. 9 July 2006

Miniature ultrasound device stimulates tooth regrowth
University of Alberta researchers have developed a miniaturised device that uses low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) to stimulate jaw growth and dental tissue healing in a non-invasive way. 9 July 2006

Non-invasive sensor measures blood haemoglobin by optical analysis of finger
A non-invasive haemoglobin/hematocrit monitoring system developed by OrSense Ltd has been shown to accurately measure levels of haemoglobin/hematocrit in both hospital and ambulatory settings. 25 June 2006

Trainable hearing system from Siemens
Siemens Hearing Instruments has launched a hearing solution that can memorise wearer preferences for each listening situation and then automatically adjust itself in different sound environments. 31 May 2006

Dermasonics reduces manufacturing costs of needle-free drug-injection device
The company has completed a demonstration of a mass production system for the specialised ultrasonic transducers used in its U-Strip ultrasonic drug-delivery technology. 12 May 2006

Shock wave therapy for kidney stones linked to increased risk of diabetes
Researchers at Mayo Clinic in the USA have issued an alert about the side effects of shock wave lithotripsy, a treatment for breaking up kidney stones. The treatment significantly increased the risk for diabetes and hypertension later in life. 1 May 2006

Medtronic receives FDA approval for insulin pump with glucose monitoring
Medtronic, Inc. has received FDA approval of the MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system, a progressive new therapy available for patients who use insulin to treat diabetes. 23 April 2006

First installation of Draeger's Zeus anaesthesia system in UK
Draeger Medical UK Limited has installed its first Zeus anaesthesia system in the liver transplant theatre at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 4 April 2006

Circulatory support system gains German approval for reimbursement
The governmental authority for healthcare charge reimbursement in Germany (InEK) has granted the highest approval level available for Abiomed's Impella Recover devices. 7 February 2006

Philips moves into home healthcare
Royal Philips Electronics is to take over the US company Lifeline Systems, Inc., the leading provider of personal response services and emergency call systems in the United States and Canada, for US$750 million. 23 January 2006

Global respiratory equipment market poised to hit $21 billion by 2010
The global market for disposable and reusable respiratory equipment to reach $21 billion by 2010, according to The World Market for Respiratory Equipment study released by Kalorama Information. 15 January 2006

Electronic nurse' helps housebound patients stay out of hospital
The Home Health Agency of New York's Montefiore Medical Center  is using a new hi-tech interactive disease management system, dubbed the "electronic nurse", to supplement regular nursing visits to the homes of congestive heart failure patients to help monitor their vital signs. 13 January 2006

Nanotechnology and nanomedicine course online
The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) has launched its first online course, "Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine: Applications for Vision". 10 January 2006

Point-of-care I.V. medication management solution launched by Cerner and Hospira
The solution integrates the Hospira MedNet intraveinous medication management system with Cerner's bar code point-of-care (BPOC) system, CareGuard. It uses wireless technology to connect bedside medical devices to hospital IT systems and can eliminate the need to manually enter medications, doses and infusion rates, thereby reducing opportunities for clinical errors. 4 November 2005

ConMed introduces multifunction electrodes
ConMed Corporation has introduced PadPro, a comprehensive range of multifunction electrodes used in critical care and minimally invasive procedures. 1 November 2005

Non-invasive blood pressure technology reliable during surgery
Medwave has announced that a study published in Anesthesia & Analgesia shows that its Vasotrac non-invasive blood pressure monitor is a reliable alternative to cuff and direct arterial measurements during routine surgical cases. 22 October 2005

New battery technology extends life of implantable medical devices
New battery technology based on organosilicon that extends the life of lithium batteries has been developed by the University of Wisconsin - Madison. It will lead to longer lasting and smaller batteries for powering implantable devices such as defibrillators and the new breed of nerve microstimulators. 5 October 2005

Computer-assisted anaesthesia for children and newborns
Dräger Medical has developed a computer-assisted anaesthesia system with a small system volume that can deliver the exact amount of gas needed for the patient, making it suitable for use in paediatric ventilation. 16 September 2005

Trial of  gastric electrical stimulation for treatment of obesity in diabetes patients
Medtronic has announced that it is conducting a feasibility trial, called ASSIST (Appetite Suppression Induced by Stimulation Trial), to test the safety and efficacy of gastric electrical stimulation (GES) for the treatment of obesity in patients with type 2 diabetes. 20 August 2005

New laser therapy for tendon and muscle injuries
MLS (Multiwave Locked System) is a new therapy based on the transfer of high quality laser energy to injured body tissues. 14 August 2005

Biofeedback device for improving gait
Andante Medical Devices Ltd has released its first product, SmartStep, to improve the gait of patients undergoing rehabilitation during recovery from  neurological, orthopaedic, and other disorders affecting the lower limb. 5 July 2005

Shock wave therapy gives remarkable results in wound healing and curing myocardial diseases
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy has demonstrated impressive results not only in orthopaedics and traumatology, but also in treating fresh and chronic wounds as well as circulatory disorders of the myocardial muscle. 8 June 2005

Biophan announces smaller ceramic implantable motor
New Scale Technologies has developed a new, ultra-small implantable ceramic Squiggle motor. It is half the size of previous models, with significant improvements in precision and electrical efficiency compared to electromagnetic motors. April 2005

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