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Trainable hearing system from Siemens

London. Siemens Hearing Instruments has launched a revolutionary new hearing solution that can memorise wearer preferences for each listening situation.

Siemens' Centra hearing system uses the company's proprietary DataLearning technology to learn the wearer's preferences and can automatically adjust to the user's preferences in a variety of different environments. It 'learns' user volume preferences in different hearing situations and then automatically fine-tunes itself for optimum hearing. It also includes other features, such as SoundSmoothing and ear-to-ear wireless technology.

SoundSmoothing reduces impulsive non-speech sounds, such as rustling paper and clanging dishes, while leaving speech signals intact. This makes the listening experience more comfortable, reducing fatigue and increasing wearing time. It helps deliver unmatched listening comfort and speech intelligibility in noisy situations.

The ear-to-ear wireless technology enables hearing devices to talk to each other, adjusting and synchronising automatically in a process similar to natural hearing. This technology has been developed specifically for binaural use (wearing an aid in both ears) which offers the user significant benefits, including improved clarity, quality of hearing, and being able to identify more precisely where sound is coming from. Around 80% of people with hearing problems have a degree of loss in both ears.

Rob Ryman, hearing therapist and audiologist at Siemens, said: "Centra offers the most advanced hearing technology available, which enables users to feel comfortable and confident in any situation, improving their hearing and quality of life. With more automated features than any other hearing system, Centra is designed to provide wearers with the highest level of performance in any environment with little or no intervention required - it sets an exciting new standard."

Actor Dave Prowse, best known for playing the roles of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy and the Green Cross Code Man in the Government's Child Pedestrian Road Safety Campaign, has been fitted with Centra. He said: "Centra has really increased the ease with which I hear. In particular, it has greatly improved my hearing when making stage presentations and at autograph signing sessions in noisy Star Wars conventions. So as well as improving my quality of life socially it has had a marked effect on my hearing in important work situations."

The cost of the Centra hearing system starts at £1,999 dependent on hearing loss and care package.

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