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Biofeedback device for improving gait

5 July 2005

Omer, Israel. Andante Medical Devices Ltd has released its first product, SmartStep, to improve the gait of patients undergoing rehabilitation during recovery from  neurological, orthopaedic, and other disorders affecting the lower limb. The portable biofeedback device is suitable for patients with stroke, lower extremity fractures, joint replacement, and soft tissue injuries (especially ligament tears) particularly as a result of sports. It has been cleared by the FDA for commercial sales.

The company says SmartStep is an effective tool for clinical assessment, physical therapy, and monitoring of patient gait recovery following orthopaedic trauma or neurological disorder. It is used for daily therapeutic exercise to improve weight bearing, increase treatment compliance, and facilitate improvement in the quality of gait.

Clinical studies have been carried out in Israel and Europe. The results have been presented in European PM&R conferences and are now in preparation for peer review and publication in a leading medical journal.

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