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Dermasonics reduces manufacturing costs of needle-free drug-injection device

12 May 2006

Irvine, Calif., USA. Dermisonics, Inc. (Bulletin Board: DMSI.OB)  has reduced the manufacturing costs of the ultrasonic transducer for its needle-free and painless drug injection device. This will make the devices more affordable for consumer use.

The company has completed a demonstration of a mass production system for the specialised ultrasonic transducers used in its U-Strip ultrasonic drug-delivery technology.

The U-Strip patented electronic system uses a specialized form of ultrasound waves to enhance the delivery of drugs through the skin and into the bloodstream from a specially modified patch. Ultrasound is generated via transducers, which convert electronic signals into mechanical energy. The transducers used in the U-Strip design emit an alternating ultrasonic waveform, sawtooth to squarewave, as opposed to ordinary transducers, which emit only sine waves, and generate a tremendous amount of heat energy as a result. The alternating signal reduces the heating effect, which could damage a drug in a transdermal patch delivery system.

Until recently these transducers were hand made to exacting specifications. Dermisonics engineers have produced a manufacturing mold system, which can fabricate the Redding Generation-5 transducers, on an assembly line basis. This step is expected to dramatically improve transducer precision and anticipated to reduce manufacturing costs.

Inventor of Dermisonics' technology and Executive VP, Bruce Redding states, "The mass production process for the Redding Generation-5 transducers significantly improves our cost structure on what is the most expensive component of the U-strip System and puts the system in a range more suitable for both our consumer products and our drug delivery applications." Redding adds. "In order to enable the wide adoption of our technology, it will be necessary to prepare for the mass production of its components. Production capability of the U-Strip transducer devices is now in place."

Dermisonics is currently recruiting recipients to proceed with a planned Human Pilot Trial-2 on its U-Strip delivery system for use with insulin on type-2 adult diabetics.

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