Nottingham Trent University launches practical course for ocularists

24 November 2014

Nottingham Trent University has launched a two-day masterclass in bespoke ocularistry to practising ocularists and those in training or aspiring to become an ocularist in the future.

It will be given by international expert John Pacey-Lowrie who has 36 years’ experience in the field, having trained at Moorfields Eye hospital in London.

Mr Pacey-Lowrie has a research and development association with the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment and is currently working on the development of a light reactive prosthesis. He runs a practise both in Nottingham and the Jersey General hospital, seeing and treating patients from all over the world.

The course allows attendees to gain hands on experience in design and fitting the prosthesis to an empty socket. It is aimed at those who are in the early stages of their career in ocular prosthetics as well as experienced practitioners who are looking to learn up-to-date methodology.

It will be very useful for dental/maxillo-facial technicians, optometric practitioners, ophthalmic nurses and ophthalmic doctors. This course is building on the success of the course in January 2014 which attracted delegates from Sweden, Denmark, Greece and as far away as Colombia and Australia.

Mr Pacey-Lowrie said: “The painting, the manufacture – that’s the skill, that’s the art and that’s the fun, and the nice thing is at the end of the process when you’ve created something for a patient, seeing the smile on that person’s face.

“I am very keen to start training people, because there is a lot of skill and a lot of knowledge and it would be dreadful if I keep this to myself. I want to passionately pass this on to other professionals.”

Further information

Bespoke Ocular Prosthetics: Design and Fit. 11 and 12 December 2014 visit


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