Primerdesign announces lowest cost DNA analytics device for health, veterinary, food and biothreat testing

28 August 2014

Southampton University spinoff Primerdesign Ltd has announced the launch of what it claims is the world’s most affordable device for DNA diagnostics. The genesig q16 uses real-time PCR analysis to test DNA using a range of over 400 testing kits for four areas: human infectious disease, veterinary, water and food, biothreat.

Priced at £3,995 ($6,500) the q16 can give results in under 2 hours, compared to days or weeks for more traditional methods. The q16 automates post-experiment analysis and so makes qPCR easily accessible in a variety of settings.

“By removing the greatest barriers to entry — cost and required expertise — the q16 means that DNA testing can be made available for everyone, everywhere” said Dr Jim Wicks, managing director of Primerdesign. “Our main objective was to ensure that process was accessible for everyone, with the q16 and associated genesig Easy kits I believe that just about anyone can do Real-Time PCR”

The genesig q16 and testing kits

The machine has no moving parts, using solid state technology that enables silent operation and high component tolerances ensure rapid thermal-cycling rates. The company claims that in pre-production testing the q16 performed better than all other instruments in much higher pricing brackets.


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