Carestream adds motor assist feature to DRX-Evolution radiography systems

12 August 2014

Carestream has added a motor assist feature to its Carestream DRX-Evolution DR Room that allows operators to manually move the overhead tube with assistance from the system’s motors. This capability is now shipping on all new systems worldwide.

“There are many situations where technologists need to manually move the overhead tube into position for an X-ray exam. This new feature activates the motors to help provide power during tube positioning that can help reduce technologist fatigue,” said Helen Titus, Carestream’s Marketing Director of X-ray Solutions. “This feature provides smooth acceleration, deceleration and braking—all under the control of the operator.”

A three-tiered level of motor assistance is set by the operator—from no assistance to low or high assistance. The company says
field upgrades will be available for fully automatic DRX-Evolution systems that are already installed.

Source: Carestream


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