Endomagnetics wins business award for breast cancer treatment product

20 March 2014

Cambridge-based Endomagnetics has been given the award for Best New Product or Business Model in this year’s Business Weekly awards for companies in the East of England.

Endomagnetics has developed the SentiMag probe and Sienna+ tracer as a system to locate lymph nodes as part of cancer staging procedures. The system has been proven clinically to achieve equivalent outcomes to the standard of care, but is more convenient, more efficient and less dependent on specialist facilities. The new system helps make the current ‘SLNB’ technique available to some of the 40% of patients in developed countries that cannot currently access it, and an even greater under-served global patient population.

Presenting Endomagnetics with the award, Tony Collard of Ethos Consulting said: “Endomagnetics has developed advanced magnetic sensing technology to improve diagnosis of breast cancer and is also making great advances in the areas of melanoma and colorectal cancer.”

“We are naturally delighted at winning this award”, said CEO of Endomagnetics Dr Eric Mayes, who pitched to the judges. “Our expanding team and partners can regard it as a well-deserved tribute to the success of their efforts in developing this technology from a University spin-out to an international commercial success.”

With sales growing strongly across EMEA through Endomagnetics’ distribution partner, Sysmex Europe, work is now underway to extend the technology to application with other forms of cancer such as melanoma and colorectal cancer.

Source: Endomagnetics


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