Exco InTouch to supply electronic scoring system for Clinical Researcher of the Year Awards

7 November 2013

Nottingham-based Exco InTouch has been appointed to build an electronic scoring system for the US and International clinical researcher of the year awards organized by Pharma Times.

The competitions, which take place in North Carolina, USA, this week, and in January 2014 in London, UK, will incorporate electronic questionnaires for use by the judging panel to record competency scores, develop individual and team benchmarks and to enable the recording of qualitative observations.

The technologies will also help to improve the provision of personal development reports, which form a core part of the competition’s aims.

Tim Davis, CEO and co-founder of Exco InTouch commented, “The international and US clinical researcher of the year awards are the preeminent standard bearers in the industry. We were approached to bring our expertise in electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) capture, which is widely used across the clinical community, to provide a solution that increases rigor within the evaluation process of these awards.

"Clinical research has moved into a new age of electronic data capture and analysis, and, by using these methods within the awards process, we can mirror the advancements of the wider industry. The best researchers deserve to be judged using the widest and most detailed data available.”

Carol Parish, Senior Director and Global Head for Clinical Development, Stiefel (a GSK company) and Chair of the Competition’s Executive Committee commented: “This is a great development for the competition. As we value all our entrants, we have strived to provide them with constructive feedback. As we have been reliant on a paper-based method in previous years, this is a great step forward to improve our feedback in the future in a more timely and consistent manner.”


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