Sagentia partners with Senseonics to develop glucose monitoring system

1 October 2013

Sagentia Inc. has developed an iPhone app for the Senseonics glucose monitoring system. The system provides self-management assistance to diabetes patients and enable sufferers to live more confidently and easily.

The glucose monitoring system consists of three major components: an implanted sensor; a wireless transmitter that communicates with the sensor; and a smartphone mobile medical application. Sagentia was brought into the project as the development partner to provide expertise with Bluetooth low energy connectivity between the mobile application and the System.

After insertion, the system can function non-invasively, automatically and continuously for six months or longer before replacement. With this approach, glucose levels of a patient can be measured every few minutes with accurate and specific alerts being sent to both the user and their physician about impending hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

Tim Goodnow, CEO at Senseonics, said, “Sagentia has provided tremendous value in the implementation of the novel Bluetooth Low Energy Technology utilised in our medical mobile app. Sagentia offered to bring in the subject matter expert to meet the company’s aggressive timeline and partnered effectively with a start-up medical device company like ours.”

The Sagentia team initially conducted a system level review of the transmitter hardware, transmitter firmware and application software. Through this analysis the team identified and significantly improved connection drop outs and low data rates. Sagentia then recommended and implemented several user interface improvements.



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