Isansys markets Patient Status Engine plug-and-play monitoring system

1 October 2013

Isansys Lifecare Limited has announced the market availability of its Patient Status Engine, a plug-and-play continuous wireless vital signs monitoring system.

The PSE continuously collects multiple vital sign data, securely and straight out of the box. It analyses and delivers the status of any number of patients in real-time, to any location.

The system incorporates the Isansys LifeTouch cardiac monitor — a lightweight and unobtrusive smart patch that collects data directly from the patient and analyses every heartbeat to provide continuous heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability. It also includes a remotely triggerable ECG visualization function for set-up and verification that may also be used as an event marker.

With a wireless pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor, a patient’s physiology is automatically uploaded as a series of secure digital files to a patient record and may be accessed on any authorised computer, tablet or smart phone.

The PSE kit also comes pre-bundled with several apps, such as patient charting, early warning scores and real-time HRV plots, useful for the determination of autonomic function.

In an industry first, the PSE offers clinicians and researchers the ability to deploy their own unique apps to aid clinical discovery, adverse event prevention and the generation of big data sets. In addition the PSE has an API that presents the “digitised patient” on an interface that may be opened for straightforward integration into other hospital information systems, electronic health records or digital health clouds.


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